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    Robert's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Tuesday 27 October, 2009

    Blount Game Log3

    Playing the game the third time I started to look at it purely from the creative stand point. Without looking at the very controversial theme, I am able to appreciate what the author of this game was trying to put together as far as content, rules, elements, and systems. Without looking at the skill of the artist and just observing the constructional and semiotic development used to create a style that fits the technical limitations of the execution, I can see that the overall concept was well thought out and really is a successful composition as a whole.

    What is interesting is you see objects in this game from a top/side view. This arrangement compliments the grid restricted movement that correspond with the embedded danger zones representing the range of the security cameras. The grid is further loaded with” kill zones” based on proximity of the characters to one another. The relationship to characters to interactive back-story symbols completes the system.

    I have not figured out all the rules of the game but speed and agility of your characters movement is one physical rule you must master to advance, and get past obstacles. One hidden rule is, to experiment and try everything. Doing so allows you to find out what’s interactive and what’s not.

    I was looking for a moral dilemma that the creator of the game had to face, or one that players of the game has to face. And the dilemma that I see the author had to consider was; “Do I create the characters to kill the students or not”? Is that just too violent or must there be some sort of buffer to tone the violent nature of the theme and player characters down? In the first part of the game its seems that the players character really can’t harm the student monitors until it’s time to blow the whole school up, and yet the school monitors have the power to catch and send the player’s character back to the beginning of the game.

    My conclusion is that in order for this game to be fun within the artistic structure of the game the author had to tone the very hard core attitudes of the characters down a little to make the game play enjoyable.


    It seems that you weren't aware that the game is based on the Columbine Massacre of Littleton Colorado. Does it change your perceptions of the game to know that?

    Wednesday 4 November, 2009 by jp
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