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    a836772's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Wednesday 28 October, 2009

    I continued playing the game. The next mission is to plant the bombs in the cafeteria. This part was surprising for me because I didn't know they used bombs in their attack. This is very annoying part of the game. You have to sneak in to the cafeteria and plant the bombs in two specific places. It sounds easy but there are guards and cameras which cannot spot you. It is pretty easy to maneuver around them but, each time you get caught you have to start all over again, which is very annoying. This part took me about an half an hour to pass. Now is the time to start killing. After bombs I planted failed to explode, boys started shooting everybody on its way. I found it to be very annoying and simply boring. I was killing anybody I found on my way, the only difference was the weapon I chose. They had a plenty of arsenal to choose from; shotgun, machinegun, handgun, home made bombs and knifes. I wonder if that was what they had in reality, but I don't believe that they could get those weapons. Especially the homemade bombs, how can you blow one without hurting yourself? As I continued to play I was getting angry at the monotony of the game. The people I was killing were named by typical high school stereotype personalities, like jocks, pretty girls, church boys etc. also there were teachers and janitors.
    So I continued shooting and eventually I got to the library where outside the window, cops showed up. I had an option to end it or continue killing other kids but I was so bored that thankfully I chose to end it. This lead to conclusion of their mission- suicide. The game explains that they just wanted to be left alone and, go away far from everybody else. At the end the game shows pictures after the tragedy that happened.
    When I started playing the game I felt very touched by it. When the shooting part begun I got so bored that I lost the interest in the game. To my surprise this was not over, the game continues in hell. I didn't play anymore because it is to boring. This game makes me wonder is this like a tribute to Eric and Dylan? At this moment I have no idea what is the point of the game. Why would anyone want to make it or play it and why was it so popular. This game is not good at all it is based on tragic story and probably this is the only reason it was popular. Its very sad that nothing could be done to prevent this. Also I'm surprised that nobody even their parents didn't realize that something is wrong with them, and they need help.


    Do you have a better sense after watching the movie?

    Wednesday 4 November, 2009 by jp
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