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    Ikillhookers's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Sunday 21 February, 2010

    This time I actually killed people. I hated it. Killing in games is unpleasant enough for me, but these characters represents real teens that were murdered. When I shot girls, I remembered a time the parents of a girl who was killed in this shooting spoke at my school. I thought of those parents and the heartbreak they endured. I remembered how one of the boys asked her if she believed in God, and shot her when she said yes. I hated using guns and bombs to kill people. The cafeteria killing was even more unsettling because the students were running around trying to escape. When a bomb went off and there was fire, one of the guys said, ďgot any marshmallows?Ē

    After I killed some people, there was a cut scene about how lonely Eric (or maybe Dylan?) was and how he just wanted someone to notice how he sat alone in the cafeteria. This scene was so empathetic and showed how lonely and hurt these boys were. In my first GameLog I mentioned now liking how evil they seemed, so this cut scene definitely took away from that.

    Eventually, the game started to feel boring and repetitive. The shooting didnít really change or interest me, and I just wanted to be over. This part didnít seem realistic, because as I recall, it didnít last that long.

    The use of real stills and news clips was very interesting. There was a short clip of President Clinton talking, and I think that would take players out of the game and remember how shocked the nation was when this happened. It was a huge deal. Maybe this was done so that as the player kills, they know what damage it will have.


    Thankfully the game didn't use real names in this part. That would probably have been too much, right?

    Tuesday 2 March, 2010 by jp
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