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    Stolos26's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Saturday 17 April, 2010

    After playing through the main storyline, I started to find that the main missions were really repetitive. The thing that I enjoy about the Grand Theft Auto series is that aside from the main storyline, the game developers offer the player to do side quests and missions. These include collecting hidden packages and completing various stunt jumps.
    The other side mission I really enjoyed were the Turf Wars. Your charter (CJ) is part of a gang called the Grove Street Family and in the Turf Wars you have to go into your rival gang's territory (The Ballas) and kill as many as you can until the claim the territory. I found this extremely difficult at times because he seemed like the enemies were coming non-stop.
    Another new feature to San Andreas that was not in previous GTA games was the ability to alter CJ's appearence. You can change cloths, add muscle, or even get a new haircut. While I played around with this, I made my charcter extremely fat (by eating at the Burger Shot) with an afro. Since I made my character really fat, this made him run much slower and this was extremely difficult to get away from enemies while they were shooting at me.


    Do you think there is any benefit in the game to being fat or is it simply something that you should try to avoid?

    Monday 26 April, 2010 by jp
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