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    jm831's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Saturday 17 April, 2010

    Today I continued doing some of the missions in San Andreas. The first one I had to do as CJ was drive to get some tacos. While eating in the parking lot of the restaurant, a rival gang drives by and checks CJ and the others out, so the others tell me itís a ďdrive-byĒ and Iím supposed to closely follow them so a gun fight can begin. I thought it was rather silly, especially when I drove by numerous police, firing guns and breaking traffic laws without being stopped. It is possible that the police are that corrupt to allow it to happen, or maybe the programmers just didnít bother to program police activity in during missions. However I still found it ridiculous. After the rival gangís car is on fire, I was supposed to get out and kill the members of the rival gang. I only had to kill one because their car blew up and killed the others. Again, Iím not sure if it was programmed like this. In order to kill the remaining gang member, I picked a gun dropped by one of the other members. I didnít really know how to fire it Ė I learned a little bit later during a different mission Ė so I accidentally hit a whole bunch of innocent people on the street, plus the gang member. Succeeding in this gained me money and ďrespectĒ points.

    This mission was disturbing to me. I violently killed someone (and innocent bystanders) from another gang simply because they looked at me. In truth, I think the entire concept of the game is absurd and itís because of missions like this. While itís easy to declare all senseless killings are wrong, I know there will be people who feel compassion for CJ because of his poor neighbor and murder of his mother. These people would probably say that he was sort of ďforcedĒ in gang life based on his situation. Iím not saying this isnít true for real life gang members, but as someone playing this game, itís hard to feel any sort of compassion for CJ. Sure, his story probably happens in real life, but how can I as someone playing a videogame really feel for him? For one thing, the graphics and violence are very cartoonish. In this sense, the game almost desensitizes me while playing it. It is not until after Iíve finished playing the game and think about what I just played do I realize the immorality of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

    I also learned how to build muscle in the game and change clothes. The exercising in particular felt more like a palette cleanser. It was relatively simple to lift weights, run the tread mill, and cycle on the elliptical. It was a nice change of pace from all of the violence. However, I couldnít work with the boxer until I gained more muscle. Once I was able to speak with him, it was back to the same old thing: beat him up. So, once I did, I learned some new fight moves that will ďcause my damage to [my] enemies.Ē Once again, back to the cycle of violence.


    You are right that the game is, in many ways, absurd. Doesn't this change its ethics then?

    Monday 26 April, 2010 by jp
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