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    RobConnolly's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    Monday 19 April, 2010

    The first mission I had to complete involved avoiding a drive by from a rival gang the Ballas. Cj has just gone to his motherís funeral with his siblings, and a few family friends that are part of their gang the Grove Street Families. While I was walking around the cemetery with Sweet (a high ranking member of the gang), the Ballas start shooting and I had to run across the street to get on a bike to get away. The faster I pressed X the faster I pedaled my bike, and I had to do this in order to avoid getting shot by the drive-by vehicles shooting at me. This was completely new to me, because there were no bikes in the previous games. I needed to bike to the red circle on the radar and avoid getting killed by the Ballas to complete the first mission. After completing each mission, there is a cut scene to explain what you will be doing on the next mission. One of the later missions involved me spray painting over rival gangs tags, and even confronting rival gang members and having to spray them in the face to kill them. I felt this was extremely violent, and that most of these missions involved gang activity, which is not something people should be imitating in a videogame. Not to mention after completing this mission I received money and more respect within my gang, which basically promotes gang activity to anyone playing the game. When I was younger I never paid that close of attention to the story line, but now I see what is wrong with video games like this. The whole game revolves around illegal activity, and while it may be fun to play, I do not think it is appropriate for all ages.


    Do you think the main issue with the game is that it was too readily available to underage players? (it is, after all, rated "M")

    Monday 26 April, 2010 by jp
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