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    ISMITH4's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Monday 19 April, 2010

    Despite a long laundry list of obscenities and unspeakable violence, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a game with redeemable qualities. San Andreas places a particular emphasis on “family” and being there for them. CJ, Sweet, and Kindle, like any group of siblings, fight all the time, but they truly care for one another and keep each other’s best interest in mind, even when the sibling in question do not quite see it that way. A specific instance is during the mission when CJ looks after Kindle when she goes out with Cesar. Sweet and CJ look after Kindle, despite their major fight, and protect her.
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas values not only the immediate nuclear family, but also those close around you. The theme that ties all the Pine Grove Gang missions together is that of Family. Staying close and defending the people who mean something to you, whether that means your brother and sister or a childhood friend. Therefore, despite the mountains of gratuitous sexual references and violent behavior, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas communicates the message of a deep bond that lie between you and the people around you.


    Why do you think that CJ and his "crew" value that so much. Do you think that it may have to do with the fact that the "broader" values/morals don't exist in their outside context? (for example, there is no justice when the cops are corrupt)

    Monday 26 April, 2010 by jp
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