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    BAS924's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Monday 17 May, 2010

    So after I finally made it past the hall monitors and as I know come to find out cameras, I got the cafeteria. There are also cameras in the cafeteria as well as janitors who have to be avoided as well or else you will be busted. This aspect of the game was pretty annoying since it required quite a bit of repetition. After constantly being busted and even setting off the fire alarm, I finally figured out the right method to plant the two propane bombs in the cafeteria. I cant believe the music that plays in the background of this game. I also still cannot believe the narratives. The game suggests on multiple occasions from the very beginning that these guys were heavily influenced by each other, media such as video games movies and music, and that they were bullied pretty consistently their whole lives. This is not justification for blowing up the school and killing countless innocents.

    After planting the bombs, the character goes back out to the parking lot to gather weapons and ammunition to begin the shooting. The objective is to go into the school to begin the massacre. The combat menu is practically a deterrent to killing anyone so I tried to not kill anyone at first. Obviously, a game as crude as this one will not allow you to advance unless you kill. I am getting a headache from reading the obscure texts so I have to stop playing this game. In all honesty, it is my opinion that games like this should not exist. I cannot identify one clear utility or identifiable use in this massacre simulation. It merely makes a mockery of a travesty that affected the lives of countless families for the rest of their lives. I find this “game” disturbing, nauseating and repulsive.


    " I cannot identify one clear utility or identifiable use in this massacre simulation."

    So, why do you think it was assigned in class?

    Saturday 22 May, 2010 by jp
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