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    kittydepaul's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Sunday 25 July, 2010

    Gamelog has decided to keep logging me out as I try and write my final log for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but this isn't even half as frustrating as all of the difficulties I've had with the game itself. Day three of playing was, admittedly, the easiest of my attempts at this game. But this was not because of the game itself, more a personal choice I had made. I decided that there was no way I was going to continue trying to do that first mission again because, well, quite frankly, it just wasn't going to happen (me getting past it that is) so I felt like spending another few hours toiling away at just trying to beat that first mission would be a huge waste of my time.

    With this in mind I decided that I was going to go back to the roots of what GTA was made for, I was going to beat people up, steal their guns and money, and commit some good old fashioned GTA. At this point I had at least gotten down how to beat people up and take their guns and money, that was probably the only thing I had gotten right in the whole game so far. Stealing cars was just has hard as the missions were for me, no matter what I did I seemed to get caught by the cops, no matter that not a single time had I seen any within sight before I started! It was really quite annoying andmade me miss the older versions of the game I had played as a kid.

    While I did have all of these problems trying to figure out the game, I did try and keep in mind that this is for an ethics class and I did try and take in all of the things going on around me. After about 10 minutes into this third playing of the game, I finally got so fed up with how repetitive and eye-roll worthy all of the comments being made by the various hookers and drug dealers were and put the game on mute. I wish I wouldn't have been so distracted by figuring out the game as to have spent more time thinking about the actual ethical issues within it, but in the end they just became an annoyance instead of anything that actually actively upset or bothered me. They became a distraction from me actually being able to figure out the game itself! I guess all that does is proves that often you'll hear something in a movie or game and it will effect you entirely differently than it would if you were constantly hearing it in real life. I know if I constantly had anyone cat calling or yelling at me in real life I'd be more much upset and insulted and a lot less merely annoyed.


    I wonder how common it is that people, tired of the swearing and so on, either mute it or tune it out.

    Wednesday 28 July, 2010 by jp
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