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    araek tashkandi's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    Monday 26 July, 2010

    Today is the third day of playing GTA: SA. I don’t want to be perfect by saying that I didn’t have fun by breaking the rules. In this time I really feel that it’s normal to do such of violent things in the game. I start the game and as always I steal cars and kill people as much as I can to have their money and weapons. Moreover, in this time I try to explore what the other violent things the players can do. I found a lot of violent things in the SA society.

    I still agree with my opinion of this game that I said in the beginning. It is a very unethical game. However, I disagree with this comment that “stealing vehicles is out of necessity is not unethical”. Although the stealing in SA society is ethical, we shouldn’t be agree that is ethical. We can agree just by cultural relativism that in our society it is wrong to steal, whereas in SA society it is right to steal. Therefore, stealing is neither objectively right nor wrong. According to the cultural relativism the rightness and wrongness of stealing depends on the cultural and different cultural have different moral codes. However, we shouldn’t forget that there are many cases against cultural relativism. One of these cases is that cultural relativism doesn’t provide a framework for reconciliation between cultures in conflict. Therefore, if we agree that stealing is ethical, this agreement may lead to actions that harm another. Thus, if we agree that stealing is ethical, we may have bad effects in our society.

    Furthermore, stealing in the game is out of necessity in sometimes but it is not in all the times. I agree that in the game we need to steal to buy our requirements. Whereas, most of the time we steal to satisfy our unnecessary requirements. For example, even if you have money you kill people for having more money, weapons, looking good and having the latest gear.

    Finally, the last thing I would say about this game is according to the utilitarianism we should produce a happiness of prevent unhappiness for an individual or a community. I think the company that produces this game thinks of happiness in the money that they will earned and the happiness that they give to the players. Most of our opinion was that this game makes us happy by doing the violent things that this game has it. However, when we said happiness we mean happiness such as, advantage, benefit and good. Therefore, the happiness that we had when we play this game is not happiness it is unhappiness because it comes from doing wrong things. It is disadvantages so this is unhappiness.

    Therefore, if the company that produces this game thinks that they produce happiness to players, they should know that is wrong. Since they produce much of disadvantages by let players in this game think of what they want regardless of the happiness and unhappiness that account of their acts. The players just think of how they can get a lot of money and weapons without thinking of what the effects of their violence. Furthermore, they put in this game some issues like racism and escaping from the law and insults. And also as I said before that this game has a bad effect in teenagers and gives a bad picture of us society. Certainly, if we want to see how much advantages and disadvantages of this game, we will find that there is some happiness of it but the unhappiness is much more. As a result, by the utilitarianism this game shouldn’t be produce because of the unhappiness volume of it.


    Arguably, from the game maker's perspective, the game has produced a lot of happiness in society (it is a best-selling game that was also critically acclaimed). Even you admit to having fun. So, given that the bad things you do happen only in the game and no one outside is harmed, how could it be wrong?

    Wednesday 28 July, 2010 by jp
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