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    jp's GameLog for Plants vs Zombies HD (iPd)

    Wednesday 28 July, 2010

    I guess I shouldn't play too many tower defense games at the same time. I've been alternating between this one and Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe. They're quite different, but strangely neither seems to hit the sweet spot for me.

    At this point I've finished the campaign as well as all the minigames and have decided to start working on the different achievements. The campaign was largely uninteresting for me because it was simply too easy. I never lost. The minigames, on the other hand, while still mostly easy (I only had to replay 3 of them, out of about 12?) were at least different. My favorite is perhaps the Bejeweled clone in which you have to shift your plants around (all of which are active and fighting zombies) in order to get sunshine points you can use to either upgrade or replace your plants. Sadly, the goal is to make a certain number of "matches". Then you win. What I enjoyed most about this minigame (I think it's called Beghouled...) is the tension between making matches and choosing NOT to make them because they'll screw up the defensive layout. It's also harder to make matches due to all of the action on the screen.

    I guess someone who has never played a tower defense game would find the main mode interesting, but for me it's been the mini-games that make things interesting (even if it's still too easy!). I'm hoping there is an ultra-hard endurance-mode level I can unlock somehow. We'll see.


    I have been playing this game since many years and it is the best strategy game i ever like, Althrough Graphics is not much good but plot and game play is awesome, Always Recommend to the other players and Enjoy it.


    Thursday 9 July, 2020 by zainab12345
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