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    jblincow19's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Sunday 8 August, 2010

    The second time I played the game my objective was to sneak through the halls and into the cafeteria and then plant a bomb underneath one of the school lunch tables but I found it very frustrating and annoying because I kept getting caught by the security cameras a number of times and was forced to start over. I finally planted the bomb and then left the cafeteria. The dialogue between Dylan and Eric about all the guns that they had seems a bit scary to me because high school kids should not have access to weapons of that caliber, or at least as easily as they were able to acquire them. Once the bombs didn't go off like they were supposed to the characters decided just to walk into the school and start shooting people. The graphics were very mediocre and were comparable to those off of SNES but what really got to me was that this entire game was designed after something that happened in real life and every time I shot somebody it just felt very weird and I didn't enjoy it at all. I've played a number of violent games and enjoy just shooting random people to rack up points and body kills but this game I felt myself thinking about every person that I was killing rather than just running and gunning like I normally would in any other game. Just the fact that people would design a game after such a tragic event seems extremely immoral to me and I can guarantee that I will not be playing this game more than the three times that I have to for class.


    "and every time I shot somebody it just felt very weird and I didn't enjoy it at all"

    Why do you think you felt that way with this game? Presumable, you don't usually feel that when playing other games where you shoot virtual characters?

    Monday 9 August, 2010 by jp
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