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    dkirschner's GameLog for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC)

    Thursday 26 August, 2010

    I feel 15 again. Installed on 3 machines, booted the game, went straight to and Zerg rushed the hell out of a first-timer. Or, wait. That's what I thought would happen. I was annihilated by some Roaches (what are those?!) while I'd only built up to Zerglings. Very excited by the sleek polish. Very excited to see all the new units, learn hotkeys, play single-player Terran campaign, delve into multiplayer action, and watch people play who never played the original. I wonder how much of an advantage the old players have.

    The second thing I notice is the detailed player stats and achievement menus. Navigating achievements looks and feels like WoW's, and just glancing through them, I think they'll provide ample reason for re-play and challenging myself in campaign and multiplayer modes. After my loss, I looked at my opponent and saw s/he scored his/her first win against me, after 5 losses. I also saw how many achievement points s/he had, which achievements they were, what portion of the campaign s/he had completed, and some other multiplayer statistics.

    I cannot describe how much I am looking forward to this game. My 10-minute taste was fantastic.


    I've been really enjoying myself as well. It's the exhilarating rush of the new with the fond nostalgia of the old, I guess. I've been playing the campaign though, which is a huge leap from the first game in terms of variety and storytelling.

    Tuesday 31 August, 2010 by jp
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