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    HeyItsNar's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Wednesday 22 September, 2010

    Another day in San Andreas. Again, I was sticking to the missions, getting CJ more respect. .
    The first mission I played today started at the drive thru. Soon after, the rival gang ‘the Ballas’ found us. The grove street boys were outraged, and they wanted them dead. The chase began. The whole time, everyone yelled at Smoke to grab a gun and help. He was too interested in eating his food. To me, this tells me that killing people in San Andreas is as common as eating food. No one is even slightly fazed. .
    Another conversation the Grove Street boys have is about the importance of guns. Apparently, this is the normal thing in San Andreas. If you need something done, use violence. .
    CJ’s brother again yelled at him for not having the right colors. So I went to the store and got a green shirt. Upon leaving the store, I got respect. Nothing will ever change on Grove Street, and people wearing green will instinctively shoot at people wearing purple. I think this is a bad moral that can pollute people’s morals. There will be no thought put into decisions made, and if no one thinks, things will never for the better.


    "I think this is a bad moral that can pollute people’s morals. "

    How so? Couldn't you argue that most players will realize how ridiculous it is? (Would you really kill someone simply because they were wearing an "enemy" color?)

    Wednesday 29 September, 2010 by jp
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