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    linx678's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Tuesday 26 October, 2010

    So this was my second time playing the game and I continued where I left off.

    So I headed down the hall and into what must have been the lighting room for the play because the boys take a stroll down memory lane and this time it takes about Frankenstein's play.

    I've come to notice that every book/movie/play reference they seem to make is always about cursing humanity, making man pay for his sin's by destroying man, it was all very unnerving to have to all just come one after another. Dylan at one point even refers to himself and Eric as monsters created by some demented doctor and that was why they could do this, go out and kill people. It really rubbed me the wrong way and I honestly just want to get through this game.

    After running through the gym killing people multiple times and Eric having a flashback about being bullied, you kept wondering why do they keep showing all this backstory? These boys are just going around and killing people for fun! I mean, they even make snide remarks after they have killed people and laugh at their deaths! If they so much enjoying killing, why the need to have backstory and try to humanize them? It almost seems like all the backstory is being placed in there as an attempt to justify Eric and Dylan's actions, which should never been condoned. I mean, you even have Dylan talk to his friend Tim and when Tim asks what him and Eric are doing, Dylan just causally responds "Oh, killing everyone." What the hell? Its not like you are talking about the weather! This is a human slaughter and he acts like its a simple question you would answer everyday! That line alone made me so horrified I had to step back for a minute before I could continue playing the game.

    The next part, the part with the Church Girl, I have heard this story so many times, from the history you learned from Columbine, from when I was in religion school when I was younger, I have heard this multiple times. Yet, having to play through the act, having to confront the girl.

    Church Girl: Oh God, Help me!
    Dylan: Do you believe in God?
    Church Girl: don't...know.
    Dylan: Why?
    Church Girl: It's...It's what my family believes.
    Dylan: Pathetic

    And then you proceed to kill her. This was bone chilling to me and I can tell you I wanted nothing more than to just finish the game at that point. I couldn't take having to go around and kill more people after that.

    I moved about and got a little more back story about Eric and his ex-girlfriend Brenda Parker and how Eric says her never calling him back started it all, almost like he was trying to blame his actions on her.

    So I got to the back of the library and the police show up and I was given the option to continue killing people or to end Eric and Dylan's lives. I picked the latter because I couldn't go around shooting people anymore. So the boys end their lives and a montage of the school shooting occurs. This is immediately followed by a montage that was twice as long for each of the boys. This confused me but I choose not to dwell on it.

    After that, you end up in what can be presumed to be hell. I didn't really know what to do so I wandered around fighting demons until I got the shotgun and called it quits from there. I just couldn't play anymore.

    I guess I can say one thing that does help while playing this game, is the fact that the graphics are so degraded, the violence level is toned down a lot. Now don't misunderstand me, I am not fond of this game at all and I hate the very notion of having to play it. But it was, at least in my opinion, a little helpful that the graphics weren't pushed to be very real, otherwise, I might not have been able to even look at this game.

    Another thing that was starting to bother me was the fact that they were making horrible, horrible stereotypes about people. Eric and Dylan liked to play video games and listen to metal. Because of that, it was auto-assumed that because they played violent video games and listen to metal music that they were killers. Granted, yes, what they did was awful, but the video games and music do not have everything to do with it. The little tid-bits of backstory that you get show that these boys have dealt with some serious abuse and bullying and that was what ultimately drove them to doing what they did. Not just the types of music they listened to or games they played. After the shooting, anyone that played video games or liked metal music was questioned and had this sense of judgement placed on them. Like, would they do something similar? Its a terrible feeling honestly and I for one, a person who plays video games and loves all sorts of music, would hate to be judged simply by my tastes in entertainment choices.


    Killing characters in games is not a new thing. Neither is it new for games to recreate historical events (killing included). Why do you think the experience in the case of this game is so much more emotional?

    Thursday 4 November, 2010 by jp
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