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    ladyvader501's GameLog for Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    Wednesday 11 October, 2006

    I have tried for quite some time to find that game that I enjoy playing but is easy not to get addicted to. That game use to be The Sims until one of my friends played my favorite family and ran up my account with a cheat code. (that just ruined a big aspect of the game for me). But now I have found Animal Crossing. I have played this game on the Game Cube, but I payed off my house in a couple of months of playing on the weekends and there really wasn't much else to do. But on the DS, the game rocks. This week happens to be the Acorn Festival. Tortimer, the major, has dawned the personality of Cornimer and gives you prizes if you deliver acorns to him. This is interesting in the aspect that the characters are animals. They need to collect acorns to stock up for the upcoming winter. Also, a few days ago Blathers (the owl at the museum) was depressed because he wanted to be outside digging up fossils- doing the hunt rather than identifing fossils. Well, I learned today that he went out and tried to hunt fossils but he is not made for "manual labor" and he gave some background on choosing his profession. This gives his character more personality other than just the "fossil identifier". Also, I would like to mention two new characters that I love in the DS version- the hairdresser Harriet and the astronomer Celeste. Both give allow for new game options (changing your hairstyle and making constilations.)


    Awesome. Like you, I've also played Animal Crossing on the GameCube...I soooo want to get the DS version now though.

    I love how Blathers is all sleepy when you talk to him during the day.

    Wednesday 11 October, 2006 by jp
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