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    dkirschner's GameLog for Just Cause 2 (PC)

    Wednesday 20 April, 2011

    I finished Just Cause 2. My first thought upon completion: So short lah! I clocked just under 22 hours. Not short by itself, but considering Panau is freaking humongous, I thought there would be a lot more than 22 hours required to beat the game. There IS a lot more to do. I finished at 30.80%, so there's in fact roughly 2/3 of the non-requisite game to play. That's like 50 more hours, whoa. 50 more hours of aimless driving around blowing shit up, which would be the good part, and hunting pickups, which would be the bad part. Yes, there are 300 faction pickups alone. I think I got about 50. There are also the cash and weapon upgrade pickups. I'm not sure what % of those I got. I'm guessing no more than 30.80%. To get 100% in the game, basically I would have to start at a corner and methodically move from location of interest to location of interest, blowing up each piece of infrastructure and collecting each pickup, until I was done. It kind of sounds fun, but it'll get tedious way before 100%. But back to my point about it being a short game. There are only 7 story missions. Plenty of non-essential missions, but 7 story ones! They really could have put more in. The story itself was fun enough. In the end you find out it's just an America-backed regime change for a massive oil field, which Rico heroically (for the sake of humanity) nukes into oblivion with Baby Panay strapped to the rocket. It was a fun and funny game with a lot of pretty explosions and possibly the best graphics I've ever scene, landscapes and terrain at least. I'm very glad I chose to buy it and eventually play it.


    Only 7 story missions?! That sounds great to me... I had overlooked this one because of my fear of it being too long and too much.

    Wednesday 20 April, 2011 by jp

    Yeah seriously, seven! I thought it would be a really long game too, and that's actually why I waited to play it, thought I would slot a long one in for a change because I've been playing a string of shorter ones. Have no fear for length to complete.

    Friday 22 April, 2011 by dkirschner
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