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    kasnay's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Thursday 28 July, 2011

    My last moments of Grand theft auto San Andreas were very happy in the fact that I didnít have to play this game anymore. This entire time I have been playing I have noticed the fact that this game was deisgned for the console and not a pc. While playing the PC version it is extremely hard to control all the axis of the game while being able to continue with play. Because of this I couldnít not get past tagging the walls mission. It took to much control not to get killed while controlling the camera with the pad to tag items.

    On that note the last thing That I can say about this game is that you and a friend are off to destroy other gangs art work on walls. So you are basically just going into random places even into someone elseís territory and tagging over their gang signs. Is this immoral? Is the fact that you would bring much happiness to you and your gang out way the cost? I mean the walls were already tagged by others so its not like you are destroying property, it has already been messed up.

    Overall I find this game extremely immoral and I find that while I play it I feel immoral. I can find no other real reason to play this game except to cause mayhem and destruction, which one could say is the point of the game. However I can not play the story to this game if that is what you can call it.


    "Overall I find this game extremely immoral and I find that while I play it I feel immoral"

    What is it about this game in particular that makes you feel that way? Have you ever felt like that while playing any other game? I'm just curious...

    Monday 1 August, 2011 by jp
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