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's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    Wednesday 28 September, 2011

    I just finished up with my second session of playing San Andreas. After doing mostly missions during my first session, I decided I would play around for a bit and explore the free-world concept that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is best known for. I had acquired multiple firearms in a few of the previous missions, so I thought lets use them. I remembered from a previous mission we unsuccessfully held up one of the pizza parlors, so I wanted to try it without being in a mission. So after I robbed the restaurant, I went to get back in the car I was driving, before I knew it I was confronted by two cops that had already jumped out of their squad car and started shooting at me. I locked my target onto both of them and shot them with my submachine gun and got into their car. After that my wanted went up to two stars and more cop cars were chasing me. It was very easy to get away, the cars are very durable and need a serious beating to actually become non-drivable, or start on fire. Eventually I got pretty bored of just being chased so I pulled over, got in a shootout and got gunned down. I continued to roam after I got released from the hospital. Just after a while of exploring it came to me how some crimes are a non issue while anything with direct contact with the police you have problems, furthering the negative connotation the game has on cops. For example you can just run over numerous amounts of people and nothing would happen, but if you nick a cop car while driving, they will just start shooting at you. I thought this was just unbelievable.

    The open world of San Andreas I thought was pretty cool though. You are given so many options for how to spend your time. You can buy new clothes, tattoos, go to barber shops, increase your strength at gyms. I thought he ability to completely personalize your traits, appearance etc was really cool.


    Michael Mayers Response #2

    Wednesday 28 September, 2011 by
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