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    jp's GameLog for Osmos (PC)

    Saturday 19 November, 2011

    I've had this "sitting" in my steam account for a looong time now. Not quite since it was an indie darling at GDC (or IGF, or al of the above), but pretty close. I'm not quite sure what all the fuss was about. Perhaps I'm jaded since this game (I think?) predates iPads and touchscreen tablets and all that. So, the interface is nice, but feels like it could really kick butt on a touchscreen. Maybe it does already (not sure if there is an Apple app store version). In any case, it's a soothing and calming game...that's pretty and nice. But not all that exciting or interesting. I played the tutorials and about 10 more levels or so...and after a while they all seem to look and play the same. For the most part. And yes, like I said before, they're nice and pretty and calming and so on...but still.

    I'm not complaining, just a little underwhelmed. That might be my fault in any case, believing the hype and all that...


    Have you played or do you know of anything else quite like Osmos? Have you continued playing it? I went through most of the game, and it stops being so calming as it gets more difficult. All the other life forms seem out to get you and trying to survive and thrive becomes really intense because you end up having to make very precise movements. My friend got real into the game, completionist-style. He either got 100% or is missing 1 achievement. I can't remember if he ever got it.

    Saturday 26 November, 2011 by dkirschner

    I haven't had any more time to play it, but I was planning on doing so. Based on your comments I'm not so sure I want to! :-) I guess I'm not excited about the precision requirements, as it where, since I think the loosey-goosey "organic" feeling was perhaps a bit of the draw? Don't worry, I will play some more and I have the time!

    I'm not sure that there is something else like Osmos out there, but I have a weird feeling that there is...just on another platform? (I keep thinking "iPad", but maybe it's just a gut feeling...)

    Monday 28 November, 2011 by jp
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