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    ZackHoffman's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Tuesday 24 January, 2012

    As I continue to play through Grand Theft Auto I find it more and more racist. On one of the latest missions, the main groups of characters including you are all black and for food they all want to go get is friend chicken. That fits perfectly with black stereotypes about loving fried chicken. As we talked about in class I have noticed that the police don’t really do anything in this game. I ran up to a cop that was on a motorcycle and punched him and took his bike, he just walked away. Or how about the time I was driving down the streets chasing another gang while both of us are shooting wildly, we must have drove by at least 5 cops. They don’t care what is going on. I don’t even get why they put them in there.

    I feel in order to give the game some type of ethical framework they would need to make the police somewhat realistic. Or at least to the point that they react to anyone doing something that they shouldn’t do. I also really wish that there was a way to do some of these missions with out violence.

    At one point in the game I was told I need to work out to get that “gangster physique”. So I went to the gym and did some curls and bench lifts. After 10 minutes of doing reps I was considered buff and was able to learn new fighting moves. Since when does a gangster have to be in shape? So of the most famous gangsters were out of shape. I feel that this game play to heavy on stereotypes of African American male gang members.


    "I ran up to a cop that was on a motorcycle and punched him and took his bike, he just walked away." - These seem like bugs in the game!

    Tuesday 31 January, 2012 by jp
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