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    george.sivalls's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Thursday 23 February, 2012

    Today I finished up the game again since I decided I think I might be ok after experience grinding yesterday. Unfortunately I was wrong and I got slaughtered near the beginning of hell. Thinking back and looking at the grossly large difficulty difference between the high school and hell I came to realize I would probably need to grind for a couple of hours to even stand a chance against multiple demons. This difficulty game really irritates me in the view of a game because it makes it hard for gamers to complete the game and can be a bit unfair towards the gamer. On the other hand though I can possibly see what the creator was trying to do with this gap, he could of been trying to tell the player that after you have died you are to receive punishment for the travesty you committed by being destroyed in hell. Unfortunately if this is what the creator was trying to tell the player I don't think many people may see that way; in a true gamers eye it is more of a challenge to try and beat hell. Do to it seeming more like a challenge what a player hears from the creator then is play through the school again and kill as much as you can so you can go to hell and defeat all of the demons. My last issue with the game is that it feels like the creator during the credits by focusing on the aftermath pictures is trying to say that they are not glorifying the violence and that what you relived in the game caused this to the survivors. I feel that the creator could have done better by making a second level where you play as a survivor or maybe even a paramedic in the aftermath of the killings.


    The second half of the game should perhaps be more controversial than the first. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have received that much attention since most people who criticize the game haven't actually played it. What was your experience like the 2nd time around with this game?

    Wednesday 29 February, 2012 by jp
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