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    Broachwala2's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Wednesday 18 April, 2012

    This is not the first time I have actually played the game. I bought it when it first came out on the ps2 and I thought it was amazing at the time. But after revisiting it the first time since I played this game; it was really hard for me to focus. I could not get over the fact at how my controller on my ps2 was not wireless and how the graphics for the game were so not up to date. But, after getting myself adjusted to the game and after running around for about ten minutes trying to figure out how to play the game again, I realized that the game is so much more than meets the eye. I was running around the neighborhood and the town and ran into a lot of people that were affiliated with gangs. I quickly remembered that this game works off of connections and using the people around you to finish the missions would be the best way to get myself back on track of a GTA life style. But, as I used CJ’s friends or buddies to try and solve more missions and to try and build the character up, I paused to realize that Rockstar really did a number in contrast to stereotypes and gang members. All you have to do is take CJ for example. CJ starts off wearing a white tee and jeans that sagged. Right there you get this “scummy,” or “drug-dealer” type feeling with the character. You get the feeling just by the way he dresses that he just got out of jail and is looking to start trouble. Then you look at his neighborhood street and you see that it is somewhat nice compared to the other parts of San Andreas but it also has this lower-class/bad area vibe to it. Something that really stood out to me is CJ himself. The main character is black compared to the other GTA games when the main character was White. The first stereotypical comment that popped in my head was why did the character have to be black? Was Rockstar trying to say something by creating a black character? Then it hit me a little bit more when the character was broke and was working himself up the chain through more broke people. You see in Vice City the main character was White. But, the area that the main character was in was a lot more appealing then Liberty City and the people that you work for in Vice City were somewhat bigger players in the “drug-dealing game” than the players that CJ does missions for.


    In this case it seems they decided to choose the setting/location and then went with characters that "made sense" for that setting and location.

    Monday 23 April, 2012 by jp
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