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    Rudy E's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Thursday 19 April, 2012

    In my third play through I continued on with the missions and a few stood out and got me to wondering where the game would be going. The first mission that stood out most for ethical reasons is the mission where you pick up Jeffery and have to take out Freddy. Jeffery has just gotten out of prison as is now a “gangster”. After reaching Freddy’s house you find out Freddy had sexual taken advantage of Jeffery in prison. This could explain why the developers gave Jeffery a higher pitched voice. Lines like dropping the soap and wanting a fast ass and not a slow ass are stated by Freddy while you chase him on a bike. I almost wanted to let him escape more to see what else he would say.

    The tension between CJ and his brother seems to be growing as his brother is sending him on more risky missions with the point of just obtaining more guns. CJ seems to feel that his brother is having a substance abuse problem and even tells him to lay off it next time they go out. I feel this relationship will be hitting a boiling point soon.

    The missions with Smoke have also become a little more outrages. CJ is still going along with them but Smokes motives do not seem clear. Smoke has CJ taking on multiple games and has been seen with multiple outside groups like the police and a rival gang. It makes me question if Smoke is trying to play multiple sides and not loyal to the Groves as he states.

    Overall the game seems like after another half hour or so it will hit a semi-climatic point. Depending on what type of person plays this game I feel different reactions would be had by the player. The problem is this game just reinforces social stereotypes. All cops are crooked and out to take advantage of the black man, all blacks and Hispanics are gangsters, and if you go to prison you will be raped. What I have not seen is a single poor white person in this gang filled area. Minus the Russian group the only ones have been working respectable jobs and not being in a gang, and the Russian group is larger and more organized. The question is was the developer trying to purposely be stereotypical out of fun, or just painting an image most people believe just to sell a game and make money.


    Out of fun or are they perhaps satirizing American culture? (given that the creators were based in Scotland).

    Monday 23 April, 2012 by jp
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