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    Abby Plante's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Monday 28 May, 2012

    Upon figuring out how to plant the bombs in the cafeteria, next I waited for them to go off, which actually caused me some anxiety because the anticipation level was high. After, I had to kill people at random as they came out. The various weapons that were available ranged and I didn't know if this aspect was true to the original incident or if this was added for gameplay (it's been a while since I've brushed up on the exact events of this story). The bombs that were used were seemingly homemade, so it would have taken a lot of premeditation on the boys' end if they were also making homemade bombs. I know the massacre was premeditated, but I'm curious as to the how long the plan was in the making and if they ever had any doubts. I'm assuming no because they went through with it anyway. I did notice a trend between the victims that I was murdering; they all appeared to be very logistical in terms of high school co-eds. In other words, they were the stereotypical individuals one would find at a high school, athletes, stuck up girls, etc. I'm sure it was individuals such as these that caused the boys grief and bullied them, so this aspect of the game seemed to coincide with the original events.

    One of the moments that I can recall from a book I read several years ago about the incident was a moment where one of the boys asked a girl if she believed in God. She replied “yes” before they executed her. This is just one of the powerful moments I remember about the Columbine Massacre, though I did not reach this moment in my gameplay. It just stood out to me as one of the most infamous moments from the event, and I was curious as to how the game maker would present this moment. I'm sure it would have been a bit painful to swallow, since many are familiar with that moment, due to the news stories and book about it, so it reigns true with many who empathize with the massacre. I'm sure it is a controversial moment in gameplay as well.


    The amount of weapons the kids carried with them into the school is actually quite astounding. I think the game might have more than what they had in real life.

    Wednesday 6 June, 2012 by jp
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