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    jp's GameLog for Frederic - The Resurrection of Music (iPd)

    Thursday 19 July, 2012

    When I first read about this game it sounded so bizarre that I simply had to try it. The premise is as follows:

    Frederic Chopin, the composer, is resurrected/raised from the dead. He then embarks on a journey across the world in which he battles a series of musicians composers. There's something about some muses, and he has a carriage, and perhaps also a piano... It's a music game featuring famous Chopin tunes that are remixed/mashed up... It sounds bizarre and terrible, but it sort of works. The gameplay isn't anything to write about (notes come at you from the top of the screen, you must tap the piano keys at the bottom at the right moment). However, I really enjoyed playing it (I've already finished it). Why? Hmm... I guess it's because it has a different flavour...

    (1) The game FEELS very European. I think this is mostly because of the comic/animated cut-scenes whose art style reminded me a lot of European comics from the likes of Moebius, Dargaud, Herge, and so on.

    (2) The game FEELS quite nationalistic in the good sense. I had a hunch that the game was made by fans of Chopin, but after looking at the game's credits, I think it's more a national pride thing. I think the devs are Polish, and are (rightfully so) proud of the fact that Chopin was Polish. Interestingly, it's Chopin (in the game) who's proud of his heritage, so its' not a rah-rah-rah kind of thing.


    What's up with Chopin? There's another Chopin game on Xbox360 called Eternal Sonata. You play as him and the game is supposed to be about his dreams in the last moments of his life, each chapter being represented by one of his compositions and some part of his biography. It's an RPG and, in odd timing, I just bought it off ebay the other day.

    Sunday 22 July, 2012 by dkirschner

    I guess I'll have to play Eternal Sonata now.... ;-)

    Monday 23 July, 2012 by jp
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