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    jp's GameLog for Bastion (PC)

    Thursday 26 July, 2012

    I'm not sure what all the fuss about this game is. Yes, the narrator guy is fun and interesting, but the game isn't particularly special. I think at least. I'm playing it on the PC, which was terrible (if you use the keyboard), and oh so much better with a controller. But still...

    I've spent most of the game wandering around killing mostly the same enemies... It's annoying to have to hack/slash at everything just in case it drop "currency". And while the effect of having the background elements drop in from the sky just when you're about to get there is neat, it gets old when you're trying to figure out where to go and what to do. In a nutshell, I feel like I have to always walk everywhere just in case there's something I might be missing.


    I tend to have that feeling in many games. When I find myself trying to clear entire areas and searching everything.. and killing absolutely everything.. just for loot; it feels more like a chore than a game. Normally, when I come to that realization, I naturally get bored and drop the game. I haven't played Bastion, and I guess I won't even bother after reading this.

    Friday 27 July, 2012 by MJumbo

    How far in are you? I had a couple of these issues very early on, but they dissipated as I got into it. The compulsion to smash everything went away once I realized I end up smashing things during battle anyway, and when I realized I get waaaay more currency through other means. And for the constantly-appearing background, the same thing, once I realized that there's usually only one way to go, I quit feeling like I was missing paths. But good job switching to a controller. The keyboard controls are rough.

    By the end, my favorite thing was toying with the idols, and I really gained an appreciation for the combat. I'll be interested to hear what you ended up liking/not liking if you keep going since this was favorite or maybe second-favorite game I played all summer!

    Sunday 29 July, 2012 by dkirschner

    I've reached the lagoon with the Anklegator. I'm curious enough to continue, and I guess I'll take your advice to stop smashing things like nuts. That might help me concentrate more on the combat (I've only got two idols so far).

    Monday 30 July, 2012 by jp
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