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    jp's GameLog for Burnout Paradise (PS3)

    Monday 30 July, 2012

    So I had stopped playing this (got a little bored and wanted to move on to another game) and I picked it up again.

    Am I a bad person if I only picked this up again because I realized there were a bunch of easy trophies I hadn't earned? Yes, it's true. I've spent a few more hours (I had only spent six on it before, which seems bizarrely low) picking up "easy" trophies.

    The game's still great and one of the nice things I've realized is that there is actually MORE to do in the game than I knew about initially:

    (1) There are "spray paint" spots to change the paint job on your car (and an achievement for visiting the first time)

    (2) There's an airfield with some really neat spots/places for jumping and doing stunts (achievement for visiting).

    (3) You can get scored for parking (if you pull a stunt). (also an achievement). I'm now using the handbrake a lot more when I race (and miss a turn).

    (4) There are a bunch of parking lots you can enter (and jump off the roof). I don't think there's an achievement for finding them all...

    (5) I was able to do "doughnuts" on the tarmac! (no achievement for that, but there's an achievement for a floor spin - which I think is a horizontal rotation while flying off a ramp... still working on that one).

    (6) There are A LOT more events than I though originally. Last night I must have found about 10 or so...just in the "downtown" area. Yes, there's an achievement for finding them all..

    Along the way I earned by "A" license (silver trophy), jumped over an opponent (in the online mode, which I hadn't tried earlier, also an achievement for that), and picked up a few new vehicles.


    I'm curious, I have never played this particular Burnout game before. Is there a "free-roam"or "cruise" mode aspect to the game? If so, I may have to take it for a spin sometime. I've played other Burnout games before, but the game progression got kind of dry for me.

    Monday 30 July, 2012 by MJumbo

    The game is essentially free-roam/cruise. You roam around the city and can do stuff (or not). For example, a fancy car might suddenly drive past: take it down and it gets added to your garage. You can ignore it too. To participate in events you have to drive to certain intersections (where there is an event available) and "trigger it" (L2+R2, you won't do it by accident) and you're off.

    I like to spend time just driving around and enjoying the scenery!

    Monday 30 July, 2012 by jp
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