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    [insert name here]'s GameLog for Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

    Friday 13 October, 2006

    So, its the next day in the game.

    I got the reply letters back from my villagers; None seem too happy about their presents. I guess they realize I was being cheap with the gifts. They were cherries after all. Most of the letters sound a bit on the angry side. They think I just wrote them junk letters or something. I know I didn't write gibberish. I thought the whole "I'm sorry, here's some free stuff" technique would work. It didn't this time. Maybe they're still mad about the town being covered in weeds for some months.

    The trees haven't regrown fruit yet so I went on a X-mark search. I only found a pitfall and one fossil. I think it was a dinosaur egg. I don't know, I just sold it with the shells I found on the beach. I'm up to 25,739 bells right now. I spent some of that on the arcade machine at Nookingtons and some flowers. There was a crown at the able sisters place today, but since I am poor, I cannot afford to buy it. So I left with nothing from that store.

    I decided to go hunting for acorns. I found three. I don't know how many there are to find a day, but that does not seem like a lot. It might be like the mushrooms from the first game though. Three acorns is not enough to get anything interesting, but it is a start. I could have sold them for a little money though. I could use the money.

    But something great did happen today. I got the golden slingshot! It took forever to get, as I have pretty bad aim with the normal slingshot. Shooting down those balloons has never been easier with this thing...

    I think I'll try fishing and bug catching for a few days. My catalog for both are really empty, and they are a decent source of cash. But should I sell them or give them to the museum?. Choices...


    Mushrooms in the first game? Oooh! I didn't know about that! Can you tell me more please?

    Saturday 14 October, 2006 by jp
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