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    Feb 15th, 2018 at 00:50:37     -    Firewatch (PC)

    On my third time I am having a hard time actually finding my way around. The game is actually really big, and the fact that there arenít really signs pointing you in the right direction makes it hard to know what I and supposed to do and where I am supposed to go. This is actually kind of frustrating, yet cool at the same time. What makes this part of the game cool is that it makes me feel like I am actually out on the trails. When you are outside you donít have something that will hint you on where to go next, you have to use a map or remember where you were going. Also the fact that you have a compass makes the game feel that much more real. As I was moving around trying to find these lines I continued to talk to Delilah the supervisor. I found it interesting though the Henry is so easily able to discuss his problems to someone he hasnít met. I wonder at this point in the game if we will ever meet Delilah, or rather any character in the game. I end up finding the power line after a few times going in circles, and it seems that the teens were the ones that cut the lines. Delilah gets really mad and tells Henry to find the girls and do something to them that would make them not want to come back to the camp grounds. I found it kind of weird though that the supervisor would act like that in front of her employee. One thing that I am also constantly wondering about is that I am finding all of these notes from people that worked there, but I still havenít seen a single person that works there. Am I alone? Or are there more people? I ended my game play after finding the power line, but I am for sure going to play some more later, just to try and get more pieces to the puzzle.

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    Feb 13th, 2018 at 01:03:44     -    Firewatch (PC)

    Second time around I am able to find the people that are lighting off the fireworks. It was a pair of teenagers, and I pretty much scare them off. I then need to get back to my watch tower which is pretty hard for me. I am not good at directions, and have never used a compass in my life. After walking around for about 20 minutes I finally make it back to the tower. Once I make it back I find that someone has broken into the tower and wrecked the place. I find it kind of odd though that the only thing that they actually threw out the window was the type-writer. Of all the things that they could have thrown out the window, it was the one thing that he has kept with him from before he took this job. I feel like this will mean something in the future, maybe that he kind of threw his past out the window when he took this job? I start day 2 and the phone lines seem to have been knocked down by a storm. I am task to check if my lines are down as well. I am supposed to check them north of the canyons, but I really suck at directions, so after 10 minutes of wandering around and getting nowhere, I decided to leave it for the next game log.

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    Feb 12th, 2018 at 00:03:29     -    Firewatch (PC)

    When I opened the game it automatically started with some story. I play as a man, he meets a woman named Julia, and itís obvious he is hitting on her. They get along and he becomes her boyfriend a week later. The text stops and he is in an elevator. I grab the backpack and I drive away. I am then given more of the story, everything is going well with Julia, and I am given the choice to get a Shepard or a beagle. I choose the Shepard and they named him Mayhem. I am curious though on how my choice of a dog will change my story. Julia starts to ask about kids, and I decide to go along with her and say that it would be awesome to have some. I am then taken to a trail, which I walk down, and then I am taken to some more of the story. They fight some, but it was all resolved in the morning and she draws him the next day. This is basically the life of an ordinary married couple. I am taken back to the trail again and I walk down it. The game is actually really gorgeous, and the scenes are very calming. In the story some drama happens with a thief, but he ended up scaring him away. The story starts to get very dark, and I noticed that the backgrounds for the captions start to get dark too. They donít end up having kids because of work, and she decides to take a job in Connecticut. After a few episodes at work she is sent home and we find out that she has dementia. This game took a very dark turn very fast. Julia gets worse and she is sent home permanently. She gets even worse and I decide to put her in a home, and that is mainly because I know that it is really hard on a person to take care of a person 24/7. This is actually one of the most moral dealing questions. And is definitely a catch 22 type of situation, both decision suck; you either take care of them yourself, and not giving them your full attention, or you can put them in a home and possibly abandon them. I was hoping that my character wouldnít abandon Julia, but he does. He gets more and more distant from her. Mayhem dies, and Julia doesnít even remember him when you tell her. It also is harder for her to remember him, he blames it on him not visiting her as often. He takes a job, and the game takes you to a tower. I am guessing that it is the fire watch. I talked to the boss and she asks what he is running from, he doesnít say, and the next day starts. The day starts off late because he slept in. you are given the task to stop people from lighting fireworks. And that is where I left off.
    The main character in this game is left with a very hard dilemma, his wife is pretty much withering away very soon in life, and he is left behind. Itís hard to choose the right choice in this situation. But I donít know if running away would have been the best choice, and that is what he did by taking this job. I think that just like the boss said over the radio was spot on, that no one takes the job unless they are running away from something. And I think that this guy has a lot of self-guilt, but also needed to distant himself from everything in order to keep his sanity. I think that this game will show a lot of self-healing within this individual, and I am excited to play some more!

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    Jan 18th, 2018 at 01:19:09     -    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PC)

    For my last game log I decided to follow Q's team more. I decided to follow Q's team more because I found their character development to be more interesting. I also found that the characters in the other teams were kind of bland. They have a few things that are interesting about the, but overall their attitudes and the way that they carry themselves is kind of boring.

    This time around was somewhat confusing for me, I had so many scenes that were available to me that I didnít really know how the flow of time worked. I spent a few minutes trying to piece together what was supposed to be played after the votes, but I ended up just playing one of the scenes. I started out in a kind of gas chamber, which I think they called a contamination room. There is a yellow button by the door that Q almost pushes, but was stopped by Mira and Erick. Then Zero gives the rules to the new game, all the teams are given the option to kill each other again. If one of the teams decide to push the yellow button and set themselves free, it will kill the rest of the teams by sending fatal gas to their chambers. You then as a player are given the choice to kill the others or not push the button and chance it. I chose not to kill the other teams because my morals kind of prevent myself from wanting to kill the other teams. Zero comes back after your decision and tells you that the gas doesnít go off automatically and that you will have to see if you made it or not when you wake up.

    I moved on to another scene after that and find that my team seemed to have survived and that none of the teams decided to push the button. Q's team seems to have woken up in what looks like a biology lab, you are tasked to find a way out. This is where the actual puzzle game play starts, I have to actually look around the room and look for clues. I really enjoyed this part of the game, I think it took me around 45 minutes actually figure out how all the things in the room work together in getting me a way out. Along the way I found a few notes. Some of the notes talk about a virus that has been going around that is highly contagious and is fatal. While trying to find a way out, all of Q's team is pricked which may or may not have been the virus. When you fully complete the puzzle, you find 3 viles. Then ques Zero, he tells you about another murder and how life is unfair. He talks about the radical 6 virus (that is inside the viles) which is a virus that gives you the urge to commit suicide, when you have contracted the virus the chances of you living is 75%. He also tells you that when the 2 viruses are mixed together they cancel out and there is no effect on the body. You are then given the choice of injecting yourself with the radical 6 or not. I chose to inject because the chances of surviving are higher than if you donít. You are then taken back to the bar and everything seems to be fine. You are told about Eric's dark past about his mother's passing and how his father abused him, and the it got strange. Mira starts laughing at Eric's story, then she walks over to Eric and kills him. Q is obviously frightened and confused, Mira pretty much was the least violent person in the group and she just killed Eric (whom she seemed to have liked). Then Mira Kills Q. I found it kind of ironic that when I chose the path that would have a higher chance of survival, almost the entire team dies for no reason. It made me pretty sad to see my favorite team die, and I donít think that this is the end of it either. It's almost like I am still trying to stop the inevitable, and its biting me in the butt. Maybe they all are supposed to die anyway, and there is no way to stop it.

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