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    Jan 17th, 2018 at 00:34:28     -    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PC)

    On my second round through I already know the mechanics of how this game is played, and I could get further. I went through Carlos' team which consists of Akane (a rather normal girl, but I feel like she is hiding something) and Junpei (who is pretty much the bad boy). I found out that Carlos is given the same options as Q on what he can say to the rest of his team. After asking my team a few questions I learn that Junpei and Akane are childhood friends that seem to have some sort of broken relationship. I also found out that they were part of a previous game with Zero. I haven't played the other games in this series, so I am guessing that it has to do with one of the games that came previously. I also learned that the fate of humanity may also be put at risk along with our characters. After a while Gab comes through the vent and Carlos decides to send him to Q-team with the instructions on how they should all vote in order to all survive. He sends Gab down the vent exactly how Q sent him down the vent, which was with cheese. There are so many similarities between Q and C-team, and I found that interesting. After I chose the team according to the note I went on to D-teams point of view. When I entered D-team I found that I could ask Phi (a very level-headed lady) and Sigma (a man with an attitude of an older man) different questions. That is where I learned that Sigma already knew that something like this was going to happen. I am also suspicions of how much Sigma and Phi may know and are just not saying. Gab came and I chose to vote in the way that would save everyone.

    The more I play the more I feel like I am playing chess by myself. I have all the power, I can choose who to kill, or to try and save everyone. I don't know if trying to save everyone will even work in the long run though. A lot of the characters are hinting to me that it is just like prolonging the inevitable. So, I am guessing that at some point I will be forced to go against my choice of saving everyone. I am enjoying this game a lot and am excited to play some more.

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    Jan 15th, 2018 at 23:30:03     -    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PC)

    I really enjoyed the story aspect of this game, I really like that there is a lot of time devoted to the story part of the game. The beginning was a little confusing to me, you are tasked with the duty of choosing a side of a coin. If you get the guess wrong you have to play Zero's game, which is 6 of you must die before the rest can go free, if you get it right you all go right. It seems like there is no way to get the wrong choice the first time that you choose a coin, so it took me like 20 minutes and choosing the right coin five times, to realize that there was more to the game. When you go in further you find that you have the option to follow the 3 team leaders Carlos, Q and Diana. After you choose a person to follow, you can then choose the wring coin. So far in this game play I have started with Q's team which consists of Mira (a very bold woman that hat has Eric wrapped around her finger), and Eric (a panicky guy that likes to follow Mira around). You are thrown into a type of district that is based on the first letter of the team leader, so for example Q's district is Q. When you enter your place Zero tells you that the team leader needs vote for a team to execute. It seems that you will always play as the team leader so I got to choose what Q did and said. A little thing that was interesting was that Q has absolutely no idea who he is, and that the suspicious helmet that he has on was not of his choosing and he can't take it off. I also go to find out where we are. Eric and Mira explain that it was an experiment to see if humans could psychologically live on Mars. The time is almost up to make a choice when you are greeted by the dog Gab that was taking the experiment along with Eric and Mira. Gab had a note from C-team that came up with a plan to make no one die as long as everyone follows it. Q sends the dog to D-district (or whatever they call it). I chose to follow the plan that C-team came up with, and that is where I ended.

    I found the game to be so story oriented, with very few things for the player to do, which I really enjoyed. I donít know if later there will be more for me to do, but I am Ok if it just stays the same. I also like the style and graphics. The 3D models are pretty on point, they aren't weird to look at or anything. The only thing is that I could tell that they got a little lazy with the lip-syncing (even with the Japanese audio), which can make it hard to watch at times, but over all its not too bad. I can't wait to keep playing!

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