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    Feb 17th, 2018 at 10:30:14     -    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)

    The first thing I did when I started the game back up was to start a brawl. I wanted to see how many orcs I could fight at once. It was something like 20.

    After I spent some time doing that I decided to move on to the story again. As I walk towards a mission area an orc called my name. He offered me info on where I could find the black and if i set him free. I found this kind of ironic seeing as orcs had kill Talions family. Talion wasn’t really sure that he could trust the orc but ended up setting him free. As I played on the orc told me about a rivalry that he had with an orc captain and that if I helped him kill the captain he would give me more information.

    At this point the game pointed out a few things. If I found the right people it would give me information on the people I was trying to kill. The particular captain I wanted to fight was immune to arrows but scared of a creature called a caragor. I thought it was interesting that the developers gave a character not known to have fear to give it to them. After setting free a caragor and watching it kill the captain, the game gave me another bit of information. The world would change as I played the game. The orc I was helping, ratbag, moved into the orc captains position. I thought this was a very interesting mechanic. It meant that every kill i make someone will fill that slot. Maybe it is supposed to imply some sort of futility.

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    Feb 14th, 2018 at 18:41:23     -    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)

    Shadow of Mordor is a game that like to throw you right into the thick of the action as fast as it can. From the onset Talion stand up a ghostly figure looking down at his own body and broken sword. Talion walks around the scene to find his son and wife, they are slain. As he look on you are put through flashbacks of training with your son and giving your wife flowers but as the flashbacks carry on they become dark. You and your family are soon captured and killed by the Black Hand of Sauron. this leads you to the point where you gain full control of Talion and realize that Talion is cursed and cannot die. You meet an elf wraith that has been cursed to you.

    At this point, after a whirlwind of exposition The keys are thrown over to me as the player and I can wander the world as I see fit. I figured it would be easiest if I follow the main story line fore a bit and get to know controls and how the game plays. The first mission I went on was to find a slave who knows who the Black hand is and where you might find him. I do eventually find the slave and it turns out he worked at the same post as me and has deserted. He tells me to meet him at his outpost later. As I am preparing to head to the outpost, Talion spots a creature on a cliff. the wraith tells you that this creature is not an orc and wants to be seen.

    So far the opening scenes of this game , to me , seem a little short. On the bright side this doesn't leave me wanting to get into the game but being stuck in boring or stale exposition.

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    Jan 17th, 2018 at 22:13:59     -    FireWatch (PC)

    So far, Firewatch is quite enjoyable. I feel that early on, the pacing is well kept. Firewatch would be an interesting play through if you are a fan of narrative style game, like I am.
    Right at the beginning, the game has you choose through options that determine your life up until the start of the game as Henry. It has you choose how you meet your future wife (Julia), what dog you will adopt, and even if you will move with your wife so that she can pursue a new job opportunity.
    One of the most difficult choices that I had to make was when my character’s wife started to develop dementia. This was a tough choice, because what is morally right? Should you continue to take care of her in her deteriorating condition, possibly lowering the quality of life for you and her? Or send her to a care facility were she can receive proper help? I ended up choosing the second option. I believe that it would lead to a better and easier life for both of us. Though, I am not blind to how others would see this. It could be interpreted as abandoning her in that care facility so she isn't my problem.
    After this short ‘choose your own story’ dialogue, you enter the game having just taken a job at a firewatch tower. This definitely seems like an escape for the main character. When I chose the option to let my wife go, my friends started to look down on me. My wife was starting to forget me. So heading out into the wildernest probably seemed like the best option at the time. At this point I had met Delilah and she got me acquainted with the firewatch job and even poked fun at me for choosing such a solitary job. Then we noticed fireworks being set off in the woods. This is about where I stopped playing for the day.

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