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    List of Recent Changes, Updates and Fixes.

    July 6, 2020

    • wrench  UPDATE: Fixed some more pages to prevent SQLInjection attacks. Fingers crossed.

    June 16, 2020

    • wrench  UPDATE: Fixed some pages to prevent SQLInjection attacks. Fingers crossed.

    June 1, 2018

    • wrench  UPDATE: Now on SSL so Google stops calling us "unsafe" Yay for https!.

    May 8, 2018

    • wrench  UPDATE: Now uses ReCaptcha 2, because the old one was disactivated.

    Jan 26, 2017

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug where you couldn't update/change your class if you're using GameLog for a class.

    June 16, 2016

    Sep 14, 2015

    May 07, 2014

    • wrench  UPDATE: Migrated entire site to new server. Now runs with Pear MDB2 (since Pear DB was deprecated)

    Feb 01, 2013

    • wrench  UPDATE: Simplified registration form (no longer requires DoB or gender).
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added reCAPTCHA's to the signup page (to prevent spam accounts).

    Feb 07, 2011

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug that resulted in a new Game Log being assigned the wrong platform when it was for a new game for which there was already an entry under a different platform.

    Dec 10, 2009

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug that prevented editing GameLog entries with special characters.

    Dec 5, 2008

    Feb 5, 2008

    • wrench  UPDATE: On the feedback page you can see the entry you just posted (or failed to post).
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added a character counter to the edit entry and entry pages.
    • bug  BUGFIX: The edit entry page now uses POST instead of GET to allow longer entries as well as consistency with the rest of the site.

    Jan 2, 2008

    • wrench  UPDATE: Streamlined some backend things related to dates and forms.
    • wrench  UPDATE: You can add/remove/change yourself from a class from the preferences page.

    Dec 14, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: Added support for students using GameLog for a class.

    Apr 16, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: You can now edit the information for a game. The link has been added from the game information page.

    Apr 13, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: You can now add games without having to create a GameLog for them.
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added an icon to the "advanced search" link. I though it looked nice. :-)

    Apr 12, 2007

    • bug  BUGFIX: Release dates for games now include 2007.

    Apr 11, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: Improved the help page with more questions and better formatting.

    Apr 10, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATERSS feed added for the homepage.

    Apr 9, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: RSS Feeds! Each user now has an RSS feed for all of his GameLogs.

    Apr 6, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: Gamer page now has paged navigation (you can read older entries...all the way back to the first entry)
    • wrench  UPDATE: Improved usability of navigation on Games, Logs and Member pages. Also added a little arrow icon!
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added the bug and wrench icons.

    Feb 2, 2007

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed DB Syntax Error on LogPage when the game's name has an apostrophe.

    Feb 1, 2007

    • wrench  UPDATE: Changed navigation scheme for games, logs and members. Now you can also browse by letter!

    Jan 24, 2007

    • bug  BUGFIX: Implemented workaround for IE bug where submission forms don't work if there is too much text in the text box.

    Jan 17, 2007

    • bug  BUGFIX: Added extra safeguards to avoid double posting when users reload page.
    • wrench  UPDATE: GameLog entries can now be edited by their authors!

    Jan 12, 2007

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed DB syntax error when creating GameLog for game with apostrophe in title
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added timestamp to entries on Gamerpage.

    Jan 9, 2007

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed the empty textbox on one of the add an entry pages. No longer has extra tab spaces.
    • bug  BUGFIX: If you try to write an entry and you don't have any active GameLogs, you no longer get to see the "new entry" form.
    • wrench  UPDATE: The "Post New Entry" option no longer appears if you don't have any active GameLogs
    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug where new users creating a GameLog would could not write entries without logging out and back in again.
    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed lack of "2006" in years list when creating new GameLog.
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added a link to this page from the home page.

    Nov 13, 2006

    • wrench  UPDATE: Added number of games by platform to the search box in the top-right corner.

    Nov 9, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug where GameLogs with no entries displayed an empty page instead of the basic stats for that GameLog.
    • wrench  UPDATE: Game Information Page now shows status of the different GameLogs for that game.

    Nov 1, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed error when updating a log (changing status together with changing comment)

    Oct 12, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed compatiblity issue with IE on the login form

    Oct 9, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Now correctly displays how many years, months and days since you registered on GameLog.
    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed malformed URL on the members page.

    Oct 1, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bugs in the Logs, Games and Gamer pages where if you hadn't logged in (or passed by the homepage) you wouldn't get the list of logs, games and gamers.

    Sep 21, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug in the edit GameLog page

    Sep 18, 2006

    • wrench  UPDATE: Moved the entire site over to a new server. Everything seems to work ok....
    • bug  BUGFIX: E-mail updates are now working for GameLog comments. (ie, you get an email if someone comments on a GameLog of yours)
    • bug  BUGFIX: Forgot your password now works.

    Sep 9, 2006

    • wrench  UPDATE: Continued work on new look-and-feel. This includes graphical headers for all pages.
    • wrench  UPDATE: Created advanced search page
    • wrench  UPDATE: Improved usability of the process of creating new GameLogs
    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed a few more problematic links

    Sep 8, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed multiple problems with links
    • wrench  UPDATE: Changing look and feel, including mini-icons for some site functionality
    • wrench  UPDATE: Moved search functionality to top-right corner, stats are now on the home page

    Sep 7, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed a bunch of dead links.
    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed bug on Game page for games with apostrophe in their name (displayed DB error)

    Sep 6, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX:  Little changes to the new entry page. Removed excess spaces and fixed the submission process.

    Sep 1, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX:  Various fixes to address PHP errors due to undeclared variables.
    • wrench  UPDATE:  Various Improvements to the Sign up page.
    • wrench  UPDATE:  Logging out now redirects back to home page. (avoids users seeing weird error messages).
    • wrench  UPDATE:  Streamlined a lot of the authentication code across all pages.
    • wrench  UPDATE:  Added field to sign up page that asks you to confirm your password.

    May 8, 2006

    • bug  BUGFIX: Added some javascript to prevent multiple form submits when replying to existing Gamelogs as well as when writing new entries.
    • wrench  UPDATE: Changed some of the info displayed in the stats page.
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added new members section which lists all current members (as well as the 5 most recent)

    April 7, 2006

    • wrench  UPDATE: Added this page. :-)
    • wrench  UPDATE: Added per user rating to the Game Information Page. Now you can see the rating given by each user as well the the average.
    • bug  BUGFIX: Log pages now link correctly to other GameLogs for the same game.
    • bug  BUGFIX: Fixed average ratings for all the games in the DB. (some were messed up...)


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