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    Oct 19th, 2009 at 19:04:57     -    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)

    Game Play:

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a very fun and exiting game to play. In this action/adventure game, you can do want you want to inside the game world of Vice City. When you’re not completing mission, you can run around the city and cause mayhem wherever you want to. The characters in the game fit the 80’s theme, with the main character wearing a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. The story of the main character, Tommy Vercetti, is told through cut scenes before each mission. However, the exiting game play comes with the free play between missions when you can do what you want to. This free play makes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City interesting to play alone, or with a friend.


    The design of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is outstanding because of the notion of free play between missions. You are able to run around the city and do what you please while you are not completing a main mission. This game play design keeps the player coming back for more, even after the story is told. The levels in this game are huge, consisting of three big islands. On these islands you must roam around and complete all of the missions, but there are also a lot of side missions as well. The islands are very detailed, with people walking around on the streets, and cars driving by. You can also enter certain stores in the game, and buy merchandise.

    This game provides sensorimotor challenges, with the game giving input that you must respond to. For example in the game, if you steal a car in front of a police officer, that officer will try to catch you, so you must run. This type of challenge is created in the free play mode, and keeps the game interesting. The game is full of conflict between you and the computer characters. Because you are an ex-con, a lot of people don’t like you so that creates conflict between the characters. The game world space is used nicely. There are three different islands that you can go to, with the main city Vice, being modeled after Miami, Florida. The islands and cities are very detailed with stores, cars, and pedestrians. The tone of the game world varies with where you are in the game world. You can be standing on the beach and feel happy, or be in the middle of a fight and be scared.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is not multiplayer, but is very fun to play with friends. The game is very fun, but if I could change one thing about the game, I would give the character the ability to swim. In the game, when you hit the water you die, which makes for some tough game play. I really like the idea of being able to do what you want to inside the game world, which is exactly what I thought about when designing my game for the project. The game world is pretty complex with three different islands you can travel to. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in side the game world, and this makes the map complex. The game rewards you by giving you money, weapons, and cars, which is vital to the game play, and keeps the player wanting to unlock new stuff. The cut scenes in this game are vital to the story line. Before each mission you get a cut scene that tells you a little of the story every time, so you must play the main missions to get the story. Overall, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a very fun game to play because of its massive game world that lets you roam around and do what you want to.

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    Oct 19th, 2009 at 19:04:42     -    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)


    In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you play as Tommy Vercetti, an ex-con trying to make it in Vice City. Working for your old boss, you must complete an ample number of missions in this third person action/adventure game. However, main story missions are not all you can do. In this game you can complete a slew of side missions, and engage in free play. When it’s all said and done, this game has everything a gamer wants, from shooting gangsters to racing fast cars.

    Game Play:

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a very exciting game. There is always something going on, so you have to be on the lookout. You start the game by having to complete missions, but after the first mission there is free play all around. While not engaged in a mission, you can walk around the streets of the city stealing cars, walking into certain stores, and causing any kind of mayhem that you want. This free play feature keeps you interested in the game, and playing for hours on end. The characters in the game are pretty interesting. The cast of voices for the game include Danny Trejo, Burt Reynolds, and Gary Busey. The main character Tommy Vercetti, is played by Ray Liotta. Each character was very thought out, Tommy is a hired man that goes around looking for jobs. He eventually get a partner, Lance Vance, who helps him in his life of crime.

    The story of the game is told through cut scenes that introduce each mission. These cut scenes are very entertaining and tell Mr. Vercetti’s story well. The story of the game starts out when Tommy gets out of prison in Liberty City, and decides to come to Vice City for a while and work for his old boss. After that, things heat up with the mob, and various gangs in the city, and your job is to take care of all the mess. The game is very fun to play because not only is this an action/adventure game, but many other things as well. You can shoot enemies, steal cars, and race opponents. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is also fun to play with friends, although not a multiplayer game, it is very interesting to take turns in the free play mode. Flow is exhibited in the game from mission to mission as the story unfolds with cut scenes.

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    Oct 5th, 2009 at 11:40:30     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    Game play:
    In the next session, I played Wii Sports with a friend, and we continued to play the same sports. Again, this game is really fun because you get to compete with your friends to win each sport. You also get to create your own character to play these sports with. There really is no story in the game since you are playing each sport as if you were playing it in real life.
    However, Wii Sports is fun and interesting to play because you are able to interact with your friends while playing virtual sports.

    The design of Wii Sports is pretty clever. The idea that you are able to play your favorite sport in your living room using a controller is pretty appealing. The game physics and design are very similar to if you were playing the sport in real life, which makes for a great game experience. In the sports where you change “levels” such as golf, each hole is carefully designed and well thought out to give the game a realistic feel.

    The game creates challenges by pitting you against someone else to try to beat them in a sport. This element of challenge keeps the player competitive and wanting to play more and more. By challenging your friend in the sport, this also creates conflict by trying to see who can win. Together, the conflict and the challenge of playing against your friend keeps each player interested in the game.

    The game world is used very well by the game to create a competitive feel to each sport. With the objects in each sport and the setting the game places you in, the game creates the feel that you are actually playing the sport. Therefore, with the realistic feel, the game sets a competitive tone for each sport. By having an exciting multiplayer function, Wii Sports helps to foster social interaction.

    Wii Sports is very fun and easy to play, and there is not really anything I would change about the game. It is not frustrating, unless you’re losing to your friend, and does not exhibit emerging complexity. I do like the interactivity with other players, and that would be a good concept to consider in my game. Because there really is no story, the game does not have cut scenes. The game is very rewarding when you are competing against your friend at a sport, and you win. Overall, Wii Sports was a fun and exciting game.

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    Oct 5th, 2009 at 11:39:35     -    Wii Sports (Wii)

    In Wii Sports, you get to control your made up avatar as you play exciting sports such as bowling, golf, and baseball. In each of these games you have to move your controller in a way similar to the actual game. For an example in golf you must swing the controller like you were swinging a real golf club. You must combine your talents to be able to beat your opponents score, and win.

    Game play:
    The game play of Wii Sports is really competitive. During this session I played with a buddy, and the object of the game is to beat your opponent in each of the playable sub games. With the choices out of the sub games, we played bowling, golf, and baseball. In each game, you compete with your opponent to win the game as if you were playing the sport in real life.

    The characters in the game are pretty cool, in that you are able to create your own avatar. You have various choices you can make when creating your avatar such as hair style, hair color, and facial hair. Once you decide on your avatar, you can use it to play each of the sports. In Wii Sports there really is no story because you are really just playing individual sports. However, you can progress through each sport by actually playing through the game.

    Wii Sports was a very fun game to play because you get to play all of your favorite sports in one game. Using the controller as a medium you can play any of these sports as if you were playing them n real life. This makes the game both fun to play and keeps the player interested. This game is especially fun to play with more than one person, so it helps with social interactions. You are able to compete with your friends to win each sport. Each sport flows through just like in real life. Wii Sports is a fun game to play with friends.

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