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    Sep 23rd, 2009 at 22:59:30     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    In this game log I decided to describe a mission titled "Los Sepulcros". Objective of the mission is to do a drive-by shooting of a gang members who were on the funeral of a gang member who I shoot during the mission "Drive by". It still involves a gang named a "Front Yard Ballas OG". So as you can see the story becomes more and more complicated and it follows a particular plot.
    Honestly I tried to pass this mission but I couldn't. I asked my sister to give me some hints, but still I had a lot of problems, but eventually I got an idea how to pass it. To pass the mission I had to recruit two more "homies" to help me do the shooting. Then I had to sneak in the back of the Los Sepulcros (commentary) and catch the "Ballas" by surprise. Then using a little cheat code(HESOYAM) I managed to kill them all(without any difficulties), which completed this mission. As you can see this mission is not much different than the one I described in the previous log. It just have a different story but the goal is the same. I find games like that very boring and not worth spending the money. On the other hand this mission supports my point that the game is ruthless and senseless. Authors show us that we have no limits and commentary is as good as any other place to do some killing. It emphasizes a human cruelty because those scene are nothing new to the public I'm pretty sure something like that happened before in the real life.

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    Sep 23rd, 2009 at 19:10:01     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Today I decided to give the game a proper start and I have completed few missions. I'm not going to lie I don't enjoy this game. The only path that will lead you to finish is through killing, stealing, shooting, killing some more... and more and more... At least that's what my sister told me (hardcore fan of the game). I only completed few beginning missions and here in this log I will describe one of them.
    In this particular mission the goal is to find and kill the dealer who is selling drugs on Groove Street . So I went with Ryder(friend) to find the dealer and kill him. When I found him he was carrying a baseball bat, which was not a big obstacle because I got a pair of fists which is way more effective than a baseball bat(???). After beating up the guy to death I took his baseball bat. Then Ryder explained that this dealer is running with the local gang Front Yard Ballas OG. This became my next mission to go to the dealers place which was occupied by gang members, hookers and other dealers. So I went with my baseball bat, and beat up everybody to death because goal was to leave no survivors. We don't want any evidence. I had to retry this mission few times but eventually I managed to bit the crap out of everybody and went along to the next mission. I forgot to mention at the beginning why are we doing this?. We are doing this due to very good and honorable cause, to clean the street out of the drug dealers. Ryder is very passionate and worried about Groove Street families.
    All the missions I played so far are concentrated on gang activities. I don't know how will the plot expand throughout next missions but it has a potential to become an interesting story (for people who like this type of stuff).
    For me this is just to simple and to obvious. Violence I this game is not a factor that would pull me away or closer to the game. The part I don't like is that it revolves around gang activities which is very stereotypical to American cities. Every major city has its gangs and this subject became popular in many games and movies. I don't enjoy riding in the car to different parts of cities to kill all kinds of people or do some stupid activity like painting a gang sign with a spray can.
    My sister told me that it will get more interesting as we go along with next missions but still, I don't think that it will become a game I would actually recommend to somebody.

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    Sep 22nd, 2009 at 20:40:00     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    This is the first time I ever played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or any other game from this series. Even though I have it at home( my sister loves it) I never gave it a try. Mostly because this is not a type of game I like to play. I heard that the game is very violent and vulgar, which I found out to be true after playing it for first hour.
    At the beginning of the game we learn a little bit about the main character - Carl "CJ" Johnson. He came back from the East Coast, his mother was murdered and he has a strong criminal background.
    When I first started to play I decided to skip the missions and learn a little bit more about the game. Eventually I came back to play the missions, but in this log I will describe my first look, observations. I had a little bit of trouble with learning the controls but after a few minutes it became all clear. First thing I did I walked around the city and I found it pretty amusing. It was very big and full of life. My first interaction with its people was a "little" fight. I fought a lady passing bye on the sidewalk. Which for the first time was very entertaining. Game allows you to fight with anybody you see, some people will fight back, some will run away and rest will not do anything. I found out that after beating up somebody to death you get chased by police and it is fairly easy to escape. What stroke me the most is that after committing murder in the middle of the busy street there is no response from most of the people. It looks like it is not a big deal and nothing changes. This game makes killing look like it is not a big of a deal. In few minutes I killed more people and eventually I got bored doing it. It was so easy and pointless. Also there is nothing that limits you when you are killing(besides police). I found amusing that you can be as brutal as you want. I quickly understood why this game is so controversial. No wonder it is only for adults. Violence and vulgarity is limitless.
    Then I learned that I can steal every car in the city , drive like a maniac (killing more people) and that was it. I played for about an hour and I had fair understanding of what I can expect from the game in the next logs I will describe some of the missions I had to pass in order to advance through the game.

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