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    Jan 19th, 2010 at 04:15:30     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Today I’m continuing play on grand theft auto. This game is really intriguing and realistic. In these 50 minutes of play time, I drove around after “jacking” people’s cars. I drove around the city with the help of the map also continued to fight and run over random people because I had no interest in the missions. During the game play today I found out that following the basis of everyday real life in the game is boring and simple a waste of time. That’s what separates the game from fantasy to reality. In reality you have to follow the rules because you only get one chance. This game shows what a world without enforced and governed rules will be like. MY character even shows his morals during this game play. He has no care about the law or officials, anything in his way will get pushed aside, and he just wants to be known as the best and baddest. There are some People in the real world that follow after my character CJ and become a human bent on becoming successful or at least well known. During this game play I have also learned that not every rule needs to be followed to get where you want to be. Reality hits and when you don’t have the rules to follow and you just follow what you think and get your why to the top. This game had so many different components in it that makes it very fun for the casual gamer. On the other hand, with me I still do not care too much about the game. I'm more of a sports gamer but I understand this rpg and I understand the criticism behind it also.

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    Jan 19th, 2010 at 03:53:09     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Today I have begun play on Grand Theft Auto. This was the first time I played San Andres on this particular system. In the beginning of the game there were plenty of cut scenes. Even though the cut scenes actually were dragged out and unnecessary, you were allowed time to think about the game and what is it you are about to play. This pre-reflection of game allow me to think of real world situations. I of course naturally thought about gangs and simply put violence. Then the game play finally opens with your character C.J. (Carl Johnson). During this first game play there is no real ethical decision that has to be made. One ethical decision that can be made is the decision of to fight or not to fight. Since the game is in free roaming society it is acceptable to agree that in reality fighting random people on the street is unethical and lacks morals. In the opening part of this game, my character C.J is essentially trying to get on his feet once again and get adapted to his old neighborhood. This game is so closely related to real life it’s crazy. Even though I am personally not a fan of the game you can relate life aspects of the game to reality which is really amazing. The game play was kind of” blah” for me but it by passed time. All in all, I really was neutral on the game today and I put a hour and 48 minutes of playing time in .

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