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    May 17th, 2010 at 09:15:34     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    So I started up SCMRPG once again and was ready to play through the repetitive game. I first went into the long hallway to the right and up the stairs. I went in all the rooms and found a flash back for Dylan in the light board room where he reminisces his past time spent in there. Dylan then got leveled up once the flash back was over. I then my way into one of the boys bathrooms where 2 Jocks and 2 preps were beating up on a kid, so Eric and Dylan took them out and let the kid go. I thought this was interesting because I first I thought their intention was to kill everybody, but when they saw that this kid was having similar experiences as them, they decided to let the kid go. I went down and entered the library where we let another kid named Tim go and told him to play a newly created doom level, this kid could possibly be an old friend of the two. When I got to the end of the library I got into a shootout with the cops and had to choose whether I wanted to end everything now, or continue on alive in the game. I decided to continue on with the game to see if I could find Ericís flashback. So I went into the gym killed everybody and to my surprise I found Ericís flashback. You see Eric in the gym getting beat up and made fun of by a bunch of Jockís. So through the two flashbacks of Eric and Dylan, you learn of their hatred for the majority of the people in the school. They were ignored, picked on, harassed, and beat up by the people that they killed in this game. If kind of made me wonder why these two never told anybody what was happening? I wonder if something like this could have been prevented if questions were asked. I also wonder if being picked on your whole life is enough to cause this to happen, or if there were other underlying issues. Iím not saying that they had the any sort of right to do what they did on this tragic day, because they definitely did not, nothing gives you the right to murder innocent people. Anyways, I tried to go back to the library and couldnít figure out how to trigger the end sequence once again so as of right now I am done with the game.

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    May 16th, 2010 at 14:30:48     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    So today I returned to SCMRPG and I had to meet Dylan on Rebel Hill. So I went to rebel hill and he wasnít there. I figured out you have to press enter this time for Dylan to appear. After Dylan appeared we had to wait for the bombs to explode, and after waiting for a short time none of the bombs go off because of amateur mistakes. So, it was time for the shooting to begin. I started off by killing everyone in the parking lot because Iím assuming something might happen if you kill everyone possible in the game. I think itís interesting how Girls die after one shotgun shot to the chest, while it takes two shotgun shots to kill guys. After taking down the parking lot I decided to head into the school. The halls were packed with people; one of the more interesting encounters was ďopenly gay manĒ because he looked a little bit like Elvis to me. I also went into all the class rooms to try and trigger events or find items, but the only thing that I found was an item download from a computer called ďAnarchy Cookbook:Ē You also gain pills and food for health and you pick up lips for ammo. As you enter later class rooms you have to fight multiple people at once where I found it useful to use manual o make sure that Dylan uses the automatic TEC gun to do damage to all. I was confused by the fact that when you use pipe bombs you can only do damage to one person since I though an explosion from a pipe bomb was pretty powerful, guess not.

    After I was done with the classrooms it was time to go into the cafeteria and you learn that the boys always wanted to pull the fire alarm, so I went straight for the fire alarm and it just made all the people in the cafeteria move a lot quicker. The cafeteria took a while to complete because multiple times when you get into a fight sequence with a jock, you have to fight multiple jocks at once. But I defeated everybody in the cafeteria without much difficulty and went back to the parking lot to save, fill up on ammo, and regain health. I figured out that you could equip the boys with the CD and Doom Game that I found back at Ericís house to give them stat boosts. So overall this game has gotten repetitive really fast so Iím not really enjoying playing the game, but it is interesting to learn more about the Columbine Massacre story as the game progresses and see how the designer portrays Columbine through the eyes of the two boys.

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    May 15th, 2010 at 18:23:02     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today I began playing Super Columbine Massacre RPG! I was skeptical of the designerís intentions for creating this game at first, but after I read his comments on the website, I realized he is just giving us the facts through what he believes Eric and Dylan would be seeing on that final day. I explored a lot in the beginning of the game at Ericís house. I turned on the radio to play some Nirvana, found a Marilyn Manson CD, and read other things in the room. Then I went to the basement and picked up duffel bags and propane bombs and then Dylan showed up. I went to the lower half of the basement and watched a flashback as they made fun of Ericís boss and tested some small bombs. After that I triggered a cut scene that went through the last video log that the two created. I thought this first part of the game was essential, because it gives you good background information on the character and a short look into the morning of the tragic attack.

    Now, the second half of what I played was a tad bit more confusing than the first half. I started off in a parking lot and Dylan told me to go plant the bombs in the cafeteria than meet him on rebel hill. So, it took me a few tries to get through the hall because I wasnít careful of the security cameras, and I wanted to talk to a few people in the hallway, but I guess one short hall way has about 8 hall monitors, what a strange school. Then I got to the cafeteria Dylan popped up (I thought he was on the hill?) and said something that I could hardly read. So I started exploring the cafeteria and to my surprise, even the janitors were able to kick me out of the school. So I went all the way back to the cafeteria and thought ďWhat the hell do I do now?Ē Only to realize a few minutes later I had no bombs. So I went back to the car got the bombs got to the cafeteria only to realize that I had forgotten where Dylan said to put the bombs, so I walked around by the vending machine areas since they were blocked off by cameras and pressed enter until I planted both of the bombs. Then I went out of the school, unnoticed, and walked to the hill. ďIím a CreepĒ by Radiohead started playing and I met Dylan on a bunch. Then there was a monologue about how they hate Detroit, all the people, mostly rich people though, and the stereotypical ďgood life.Ē I then planted bombs in the car and called it quits for the day.

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    Apr 19th, 2010 at 11:04:23     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    So today I was surprised that missions were actually getting a little more interesting, so I will probably continue to play this game outside of class. You head over to Sweets house to find it eerily empty. After you leave Sweets house you get a call from him and he tells you he is being gunned down by Ballas while hanging out with his girlfriend. You decide to drive over and help him out. Instead of just going in for a quick pick-up and go, you decide itís better to kill all of the Ballas first and then pick him up. So it was finally more interesting that I finally got to do something aside from sneaking around or driving your hommies around.

    For the next mission I had to go follow Kendl, because Sweet and her got into a fight. The good thing about this mission is that I finally got a sweet new ride. The bad thing about this mission is that the mini game was awfully boring, it reminded me of the mini game I played in the club a few days back where you have to press the arrows at the same time the arrows at the bottom the screen pass through the circle. I noticed tat the arrows donít necessarily move at pace with the actual rhythm of the song.

    So Iíd like to go back to the first mission I played today, and talk about it from a Utilitarianism standpoint. Would a follower of the Utilitarianism theory be happy with the actions took in this mission? Well it depends on a few factors. I would say the happiness of CJ, Sweet and his girl is pretty high after what just happened. Sweet is happy that he is alive, that his girlfriend is alive and that some Ballas are dead. CJ is glad his brother his safe. Sweets girl is happy that Sweet is unharmed along with herself. The Ballas on the other hand, I canít see their unhappiness getting too low. One reason because they probably expected something to go down because they started a gun fight with an enemy gang. So in my opinion, from an Utilitarianism standpoint the killing of the Ballas and saving Sweet would be the best thing to do, but thatís assuming that the assumptions I had about the emotions of all the participants were correct/close.

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