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    Apr 18th, 2010 at 23:53:15     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    So I continued my adventures of San Andreas today and the missions still haven’t really picked up. The First mission I had to complete was going to an old friend Emmitt’s to pick up some fire power. When you entered his house, he almost blew your head off with the gun he was looking at. On your way home from Emmitt’s, you get a call and you have to go pick up some new clothing to match with your hommies. I decided to go with an all green attire to show my true loyalty.

    Once I returned home it was time to go on my first drive by! The goal was to drive into to Ballas territory and kill some Ballas. For some reason they made me drive, again… But since I couldn’t shoot and my fellow gang members were awful marksmen, I decided to take matters into my own hands and run over all of the Ballas to make things go a bit quicker and also more fun for me.

    The next mission was to go break in to an old mans house and steal his guns. Very boring mission in my opinion, just sneak around his house with out making too much noise and take boxes you find back out to the car and then drive away.

    Since I got bored with these missions I decided to mess around once again in the large world of GTA. I picked up a motor cycle and drove around at high speeds. I discovered today that you can find random stunt jump areas and get money for going off of them and doing tricks. I haven’t figured out how to do tricks yet, but I am assuming that you have to gain more driving experience before you learn how to do tricks.

    After playing the game once again today, the game appears to become more and more unethical. First you go on a drive by just because you guys feel like it, and then you break into a guy’s house to steal guns. I find it hard to argue in favor of CJ and his hommies, only because you are doing the same things that you are trying to rid your town of and in my opinion, violence only brings more violence.

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    Apr 17th, 2010 at 20:19:21     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    So today I finally began playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I have been playing video games all of my life and still currently play a heavy amount of video games. Through out my years I have left out all of the GTA games, not for any particular reason except for they were never really appealing to me.

    You start out with an opening cut-scene of the main character, CJ, returning to his home after leaving for 5 years, to be greeted by corrupt cops who stole all of his money, and left him near his old home, the Grove. He is originally returning for the sole reason of putting his late mother, who was killed by gang violence, to rest. When you, CJ, meet up with your old friends at the cemetery, some of them hate you for leaving and some of them are glad to see that you are back. They tell you about all of the gang violence and drug dealers that have been negatively affecting the grove. Your reunion is then broken up by a gang that wears purple known as The Ballas. After evading the Ballas with your old friends and your brother, you decide that it is best for you to stay home and help get rid of the violence and corruption.

    You begin by doing a few character creation missions. First you have to go into your mother’s house and pick out a new wardrobe, which you have nothing new to put on, so you can either take clothes off or keep the same clothes. You then drive your friend’s, Ryder, car to go get a haircut which I found to be way over priced, $150 for an afro? Sure, why not. The opening missions end when you go in to a pizza restaurant and Ryder tries to rob the place, but failed miserably and you both had to run out of their getting chased by a small white kid with a shotgun.

    Then, you meet up with your brother, Sweets, and your old obese friend, Big Smokes, who recently moved out of The Grove. Your mission is to go out and find gang graffiti, and spray your own graffiti over it, this wasn’t a very exciting mission for me, but you learned how to hop fences and small walls, which will be key for evading police officers and rival gang members. You return to your home cul-de-sac, and you are sent out with Ryder on a mission to take down some local drug dealers and addicts. Before you set out you want to see if you can get some back up by visiting some old friends, but they deny you help. So you go and find a drug deal going down, take out the drug dealer and Ryder recognizes the person, and you go find a crack den. You then kill everybody inside and return home. The final mission I ended with in today’s playing was going to the drive through and then getting in a drive by with The Ballas. You kill them and then return home.

    After this I decided to just go roam the large world of GTA. I did paramedic side missions where you actually help people by bringing them to the hospital because they are bleeding a lot. I also picked up some hookers by honking my horn by them and taking them to a “secluded” place where it appears the two had sex in the car. I also hit up the gym to build some strength and got stranded in the middle of a river and it took a while to get back home.

    So after playing it for the first day it had the game had its ups and downs. I did have fun hi-jacking cars, but so far the missions were fairly plain and boring, I hope they pick up. It was strange to me to do the paramedic missions, because the whole game so far revolves around killing people. It is a nice change of pace though to hi jack an ambulance to actually save people from dying. Besides becoming a temporary EMS, you haven’t really been offered many choices because if you want to progress in the game and expand your side missions, you have to progress in the boring main missions. The question I bring up though, are these main missions ethically? Is it okay to clean up the gang violence and drug dealers that are turning your home town into a shit hole by killing them? Probably not in most cases, but in this case where all of the cops are corrupt what else can you really do. I would say you should just move out, but these people you play as/with seem to be too stubborn and proud to move out of their home town, so in their circumstances, the next best thing is to destroy the corruption by killing the corruptors. So far this game has some un-ethical practices, but that’s what it was made to do, in my opinion.

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