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    Aug 9th, 2010 at 13:14:37     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Today i thank gad because this is the last time i should play this game. Because of this reason i try to play as much as i can to know in where this game will end? In the last two times i just stop after killing students and the police blockade the school. This time i continue play aftere this moment, after the massacre complete, the designer show some real pictures, such as Harris and Klebold corpses and some survivors from this tragedy and their families. When i see these picture, i really agree with my first entry that this game is not just game, this is more than game, it is pictured a horroic massacre. Therefor, i still agree that this game is really has bad emotional effect on the victim’s and murder’s families, because it represents a real story with real pictures of them and weapons.

    After the massacre end, i think the game will finish. However, i found my self (Eric) live again in a different place. By the time i try to find out where i’m?. When i see the flare, i relate that is the hell, because we almost know that these two murders should be in the hell to pay the price of their massacre. However, when i play in the hell, i found that Harris and Klebold like there!!. They met many and kill a lot. After the hell level finish, there was a ceremony that happened in the high school. the speakers who talked in this cermony discuss a lot of real problems, such as easy accses to gun that demande law control, and the reason of exist such a violence that because of the effected of media on children, so we should ask for guidelines on creators a violance media.when i see the cermony and read what the speakers said, i really feel like i’m watching a movie or something really happened. However, I like what the designer show in the cermony. It may relive what he did in this game.

    Finally, this game do a faver for me just by letting me know in a disgusting way this real massacre that i have ever known about it. morever, i feel in some way that this game not only represent the real tragedy, but it takes me inside it, this way of interaction between me and this game let me think that sometimes vedeogame inforce you to interact with the reality than any other kind of media. You play as the real murder, feel the same situation and think by the same way that the murder think. This situation is worried me. Therefor, i think that these kinds of game have their strength among the other media. Therefor, we have to beware about which game is unacceptable for our children and what aren’t? Morever, we should ask for the authenticity in the role of media in this game and any other violence game?.

    “All stories communicate values and portray styles, so every movie and TV program, how ever inane, may make some mark on minds, even prompting behavior, especially when the images are cumulative”. More than a movie, ethics and entertainment, Valenti.

    I write this because i really feel in that way when i watch this game or (movie as I think). As i said this is not just a game, it looks like movie represnt a real masscre. As Valenti said, every thing we watch in the media even if it was inane, it will affect our children by leaving some idea on their mind. This game effect our children by violence and plante grudge insaide teenagers. For example, i rememeber when Eric remember that three of students hit him. when Eric remeber this, he said” they made fun of my face, my hair, my shirts”. then Klebold told him” yes, and now it’s time for them to die”. I was surprised for the words and the situation that may happend to any kid who play this game, but this game represent it in a realy grudge way. Therefor, it will left some mark of grudge in teenagers.

    i really agree with all of you who mention that this game is really unethical and have negative my moral opinion we don’t need for our children these kind of games which planet the idea of violence , grudge and that you can solve your problem by being a murder. We don’t need game that pays violence for its success.
    What we need is games that challenge the stereotype of the other games; games learn our children something interesting and meaningful rather than violence. Therefor, our role aginst these violent games, is to criticize them and don’t let our moral sence go with the wind.

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    Aug 8th, 2010 at 22:13:25     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    In the second time of playing Super Columbine Massacre, i felt boring and disgusting after spend my time in playing this game. I felt boring because this game like the other RPG games, they are endless in way that you always need to repeate an action. You always prepare to encounter enemies whom are the high school students by selecting weapons and enter a war by driving to the school and kill students by planting bombs in the cafteria then kill the students as many as you can. Moreever, i felt disgusting because it doesn’t like any other killing game which represents your enemies in a fake charecters that don’t realte to the reality in any way, in this game you kill people who are killed in the real life. Even though the game doesn’t represent the real victim's face, you can’t play without thinking since this game based on the real-world masscara.

    Morever, we always expect to take pleaser and have fun from games by enjoying triumph. However this game not only dosen’t provide any of these expected adavanteges, but also it has tragedy rather than triumph. Therfore, there is no joy in playing this game, so i’m wondering why Ledonne decide to make this kind of game?

    I want to share with you what i found in the internet while i was serching for reasons .Ledonne says.”“I was looking at these two boys who I saw perhaps too much of myself in,” Ledonne says in the documentary. “To be honest with you, I was headed down something of a similar path.””

    therefore, Ledonne doesn’t want us to forgive Harris and Klebold by making this game, but he wants to let the other know and understand their situation that motive them to this masscara, as he is also has the same situation. However, he lets the teenagers pay the price by raising grudge on who have the same setiuation of Harris and Klebold. Especially, while they play the game, they will notice that they will not kill kids who aren’t unlike them and who bullied by other students like them. Because this feeling of biulled is not unreal, this usually happen with many high school students, few of them don’t care while in the other this kind of feeling leading them to suicide. Therfore, it is not a fake situation that we can produce it in a game for teenagers.

    in my view the main and dangourest point of this game is, this game modling players in Harris and Klebold whom are murders, and expose players to their world prespective, such as thoughts, feeling of loneliness and alienation from their high school students, and their books and music which revive them to hold a grudge against the other students. Acordinglly, this kind of feeling lead them to kill 13 students.

    finally, after i reaserch to know what reasons make Ledonne designe this game, i really didn’t find a strong argument from Ledonne, which justify his right of making this game that has a horroic effect on emotin and behavirels of teenagers and victim’s family.

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Aug 8th, 2010 at 22:31:12.

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    Aug 7th, 2010 at 23:56:58     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    This is my first day in playing Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Before I play the game, I read about it to know what is about. I found that this game based on a real massacre, so I just remember our discussion in the class about the movies that represent 11 Sep. I remember that we said it is cause painfully feeling to whom had a bad memories about this day. Thus, I feel that this game may have the same reflection on the victims and murders family. As I found in a Wikipedia” Upon revealing Columbin's identity as Ledonne, Kovacs said, "One of the girls who died [in the shootings] was a friend of mine, Rachel. We were in the same church group. Anyone playing this game can kill Rachel over and over again."[13] The father of one victim remarked to the press that the game "disgusts me.”. I try to imagine if I were them, I wouldn’t feel ok if I see the massacre which my sun cause or where one of my sun die .Therefore, I found what is really concerned, this game has its effect on people.

    Does Ledonne have the right to design this game which based on the real massacre? Even though it is a game, it has its effect like any other media. Game designer should notice the role of media. Moreover, they should be aware about this role when they pictured real in game.

    When i was playing this game, i didn’t find any target or fun. It just represents real murders that planned to kill all the students in their school, because they didn’t notice them. Even if this a real story, in my view it is not excited to produce it. Most of games we found the target of them is having fun, but games like this game which have a real mixed with violence aren’t produced any kind of fun. What is the fun of killing people and regards the humanity?

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    Jul 26th, 2010 at 03:26:25     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    Today is the third day of playing GTA: SA. I don’t want to be perfect by saying that I didn’t have fun by breaking the rules. In this time I really feel that it’s normal to do such of violent things in the game. I start the game and as always I steal cars and kill people as much as I can to have their money and weapons. Moreover, in this time I try to explore what the other violent things the players can do. I found a lot of violent things in the SA society.

    I still agree with my opinion of this game that I said in the beginning. It is a very unethical game. However, I disagree with this comment that “stealing vehicles is out of necessity is not unethical”. Although the stealing in SA society is ethical, we shouldn’t be agree that is ethical. We can agree just by cultural relativism that in our society it is wrong to steal, whereas in SA society it is right to steal. Therefore, stealing is neither objectively right nor wrong. According to the cultural relativism the rightness and wrongness of stealing depends on the cultural and different cultural have different moral codes. However, we shouldn’t forget that there are many cases against cultural relativism. One of these cases is that cultural relativism doesn’t provide a framework for reconciliation between cultures in conflict. Therefore, if we agree that stealing is ethical, this agreement may lead to actions that harm another. Thus, if we agree that stealing is ethical, we may have bad effects in our society.

    Furthermore, stealing in the game is out of necessity in sometimes but it is not in all the times. I agree that in the game we need to steal to buy our requirements. Whereas, most of the time we steal to satisfy our unnecessary requirements. For example, even if you have money you kill people for having more money, weapons, looking good and having the latest gear.

    Finally, the last thing I would say about this game is according to the utilitarianism we should produce a happiness of prevent unhappiness for an individual or a community. I think the company that produces this game thinks of happiness in the money that they will earned and the happiness that they give to the players. Most of our opinion was that this game makes us happy by doing the violent things that this game has it. However, when we said happiness we mean happiness such as, advantage, benefit and good. Therefore, the happiness that we had when we play this game is not happiness it is unhappiness because it comes from doing wrong things. It is disadvantages so this is unhappiness.

    Therefore, if the company that produces this game thinks that they produce happiness to players, they should know that is wrong. Since they produce much of disadvantages by let players in this game think of what they want regardless of the happiness and unhappiness that account of their acts. The players just think of how they can get a lot of money and weapons without thinking of what the effects of their violence. Furthermore, they put in this game some issues like racism and escaping from the law and insults. And also as I said before that this game has a bad effect in teenagers and gives a bad picture of us society. Certainly, if we want to see how much advantages and disadvantages of this game, we will find that there is some happiness of it but the unhappiness is much more. As a result, by the utilitarianism this game shouldn’t be produce because of the unhappiness volume of it.

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