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    Jul 25th, 2010 at 03:28:26     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    This is the second time of playing GTA: SA too. And also in this time my control is much easier. I think I can answer your question.
    My ethical answer for your first question that “is this acceptable because it's a video game, or is this what's actually happening in real life?” this game shouldn’t be acceptable whether this game has been accepted or not,. Despite of having this game a lot of realistic issues such as, killing, steeling and punching and maybe these issues are the same as in real or much harm, this game has a bad effects on people especially on the teenagers. For example, I see many of our class students having fun when they play this game and also I have the same feeling. This feeling comes from the happiness that we can break the rules and we can do whatever we want. Therefore, the teenagers who play this game will try to feel this kind of feeling in the real life. Moreover, as we talked in the second class about the example of if it is ethical for American director to make a realistic unflattering film about a war is currently being fought by American soldiers. Most of us refuse this kind of act. Like we said that this movie is disrespectful of American soldier, this game also is disrespectful of American society because it gives a bad picture of this society. I want to tell you what my brother said to me when I decided to study abroad in us. He said:” are you going to this country that has a lot of crimes and weapons” so “you have to be careful and don’t talk to black guys”. I really was shocked and when I asked him why you said that? He told me that he saw this in this game. When he played this game and saw that there are a lot of things look like a real life and the other things is fiction he couldn’t separate between what is real and what is not maybe because he has never been in us. .there is another thing happen to me. When I was playing this game in the DePaul lab the girl who was working in this lab told me something very funny. She told me that one of her friends went to Japan and a Japanese boy when he knew that he is from us. Asked him if he has ever owned weapon or has he ever shoot or killing someone. Therefore, this game has a misleading of how the real American society is.
    Maybe because this game has something from the real American life mixed with some fiction, this game look like kind of a real life. I know that there are some things are fiction like the easiness of escaping from police and the much of breaking rules, but there are a lot of things look like a real life such as, people talks and some realistic issues like racism and crimes. However, if any other teenager or anyone who have never been in us plays this game, he will has this wrong picture of American society. Accordingly, it is unethical to accept this game.

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    Jul 24th, 2010 at 02:06:45     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)

    This is the first day of playing “grand theft auto: San Andreas”. Usually when I begin to play a game, I start by exploring the purpose of each sign in the game.
    First of all, in the top there is the sign of what kind of weapon you have. This weapon you will use it to do any crime that you want. However, if you don’t have any weapon, there is a sign of boxing. That means if you don’t have any weapon, you can get whatever you want by hitting people. This way of thinking let me feel that I’m a very hero man. I can get whatever I want by my hand. Therefore, if I need money I just need to look forward for anyone. In the moral perspective there are no desires you should do what you ought to do not what you want to, then by moral you shouldn’t kill people even if you need money. However, in this game you always need money to pay a home or shopping or anything. Therefore, you need to kill to have money. Moreover, the other moral respect I see in this game that it’s wrong to kill one person to save another. Accordingly, it’s wrong to kill people just to save your life by having their weapons and money. The second sign is red strip for your health rate. The third one is bunch of stars of the crime that you did. The more numbers of stars that you have means the more possibility of catching by a police man. My comment here is that you can escape from a police man if you just make one crime. I killed a police man then I have one star, so when the police man tries to catch me I can escape. This easiness of escape makes me feel that it doesn’t matter of killing people even if he was a police man because you can run away. Nevertheless, when you have maybe 6 stars, you will bust. And the last sign is for money that you earn it by killing people and rob their money.
    Not only I’m excited to play this game again to explore other things, but also I will let you know about my other experience.

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