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    Apr 4th, 2011 at 22:18:05     -    The Last Remnant (360)

    ... O.o# I just foolishly wrote a paper for 40 mins on Last remnant in the browser window and hit enter... I'll rewrite it later in Word... Im just going to go crawl up into a ball for awhile.

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    Mar 19th, 2011 at 00:42:20     -    Killer 7 (PS2)

    Day 3
    -In texas. To kill some a zealot.

    -Took way too long to figure out I could jump on roofs with one of the characters.

    -Puzzles are random. Easy too.

    -I die way too much, making this game more frustrating than fun.

    -Whaaat? I am so confused.

    -Well this was an interesting boss/ cutscene. A lot of blood related uhh animation? Conclusion on this: excellent.

    -Animation was different than the game's previous animation styles during cutscenes.

    -Ha, next cutscene opened with a hooker being shot in the head I think. This animation was different than previous cutscene.

    -Everybody is getting shot in the head!

    -Oh boy, back to the Cleaner’s trailer, where the unexplained screaming man is. Freaks me out to be honest.

    - Sooo the man you work for is actually handicapped and beaten by the maid, who is sometimes nice? Alternate realities? Whatever, I have to accept things as they come in this game.

    -I actually missed the weird gimp guy that helps you, in his absence during the previous mission.

    -This game is giving me some serios déjà vu. At a theme park by the way.

    -Multiple personalities?

    -I dont know what is going on in this game at all, but it is very interesting.

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    Mar 17th, 2011 at 10:04:53     -    Killer 7 (PS2)

    Day 2

    -Audio sounds really good in this game, better than more recent games, in my opinion.

    -Freaky screams and sound effects have a profound effect on me.

    -Cannot choose character, so I have been upgrading mostly Dan Smith.

    -Game forcing me to use characters I ignored before.

    -Keep dying as a result.

    -The cleaner, the character who revives fallen members, has died. This caused a game over, which in turn lost all of my progress for today. That is what I get for not saving. Hour and a half worth of progree… Makes me want to quit.

    -Thank god I can skip cut scenes.

    - A shirtless, muscular, and albino ninja without a shirt?

    -Just great, found out I died next to a save room.

    -Looks like the political debate ended in everyone shooting each other.

    -I keep dying a lot.

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    Mar 15th, 2011 at 21:42:13     -    Killer 7 (PS2)

    Hellooo. For Killer 7 logs I am going to leave myself notes for each day I play, and then write up a conclusion on the game when I finish.

    Day 1:

    Been told to play killer 7 awhile ago, and it is finally time.

    -Love the aesthetics of the game.

    -The movement was hard to grasp at first, but it works well now that I have gotten better at it.

    -This game seems to be heavily influenced by 9/11, hence the holy warriors who suicide bomb.

    -Going through the character selection.

    -Want to try to figure out which character I like the most.

    -Cant make a decision, so I will stick to Dan.

    -This gimp guy who is helping me out is creeping me out.

    -Haha I get it. The writing on the wall says “How soon is now,” which is a Smiths song, and our assassin group in the game is called The Smiths. Someone must be a fan.... I assume?

    -Resident Evil-esque puzzles.

    -This carrier pigeon’s name is Pussy…

    -It seems Kaede, the lady of the group, cuts her wrists to make barriers disappear.

    -Forced to change between characters.

    -The music is sooo good.

    -The cleaner can ressesutate fallen teammates by putting their bloody doggy bag in his suitcase?

    -Interesting fight. I was a preacher in a wheelchair, who had to shoot off the wings of a innocent looking girl saying that they only blow up people due to their religious beliefs.

    -The interesting thing here to me is that she was stylized like an anime character, while the other characters are not.

    - Game world terrifed of terrorism, and tried everything to stop it.
    - Nice Anime cutscene.

    -Only people able to stop smiling faces (terrorist group) are the Killer 7.

    -Playing as Mask De Smith. I like his Mexican wrestler persona as a personal preference, but you can’t get blood(experience) with him.

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