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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 05:18:39     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)

    I am usually pretty successful as Voldo in the one player mode of Soul Calibur III and today was no different. Again, Voldo's strength lies in his unpredictable and powerful abilities. My personal favorite of his many stances is the Mantis Crawl inwhich he stands on four limbs, face first, giving him optimal position for dodging attacks as well as executing them. However, aside from the stances, in this parituclar game experience I found the Manas and Ayus the weapons of choice for general play. In my opinion, they are that which the player is most balanced and most easily accustomed to. However,I did appreciate the Karma and Mara weaponry obtained in Chapter 8 Merak. With this option I had a much stronger defense (an increase much needed against opponents like gnisngs).Since I have played this game many times before the journey was fun and just challenging enough for gameplay to remain as such. I did however have slight trouble at the chapter versus Talim. It seemed as though during this battle, each attack on the opponent was met with a range of side steps which I will admit are a little difficult at times to respond to with Voldo as your player. Also, Talim utilized Voldo's lack on mid- range moves and at times sporatic blocking abilitiy to her advantage, making my job a little more difficult at this stage. However, the character was eventually defeated along with the journey in due time.

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    Feb 23rd, 2007 at 00:47:23     -    Soul Calibur III (PS2)

    Soul Calibur 3 is a fun 3D fighting game. Although it is not as good as Soul Calibur II, it still remains an entertaining and challenging pastime. Chronicles of the Sword mode is interesting to explore, many avenues of gameplay are available in this mode. When I'm in the mood for unlocking special items etc or simply want to kick butt, this is the mode I play while paying no attention to the storyline what so ever. Next, I enjoy one player mode rather intensely, when I get into it there is no stopping me. Each character is generally fun and useful in this mode, with faults and strengths pertaining to each. I do, however, enjoy reading the actual stories in this mode because they do tend to be subsequently more interesting and entertaining than that of the Chronicles of the Sword (no idea why they seem different to me, they just do). I will admit that I am however partial to Voldo when it comes to any type of gameplay, especially one player. In my opinion, he has the most interesting and unpredictable abilities of the entire series. I really enjoy the variety in his stances as well as the overall hilarity of his general demeanor. For example, while all other characters taunt opponents with harsh words and criticism, Voldo, in all his greatness, completely bypasses the notion of forming words at all when speaking. Instead, this ultimate scientific experiment hisses and grunts to get your attention. Seeing as how this is so prevalent in the game, especially in the loading process, my take on the matter is that Voldo is so incredibly talented that he simply doesn't have to engage in normal conversation with opponents, he does whatever he wants. In short, Voldo owns them all. Aside from personality etc., I find the story of Voldo most interesting of all, there is something about the search for a girl that entices me for some reason. I also enjoy a participation in the versus mode as I do find a battle with friends fun too.

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    Feb 9th, 2007 at 12:08:43     -    Xenogears (PS)

    After playing this game a little more, I ended up talking to Elly more. Something tells me she did something horrible in the past. Anyway, I fought a dragon in a forest I ended up in. It was an easy fight. But, it was designed nicely. First, I fought him hand-to-hand. It wasn't to difficult, but eventually Citan Uzuki came and gave me my Gear. This made the fight much easier. I viewed the fight from a nice side view so I could see my Gear. It really was designed nicely. I managed to defeat the dragon and continue the story.
    So far, I think this is where the most dialog occured. Citan and Elly talked and talked and talked some more. It wasn't bad, the story is good, but it gets tiring to read a lot. Maybe that's just me though. I like cutscenes because it I think they draw me into the game more. I can see the characters' emotions better. I think I would have liked it if they made those long dialogs into cutscenes, but the story is a least good enough to want to finish reading. And it is the Playstation, so I wouldn't give the game a lower score just because of that.
    I also noticed the design of the various areas. I thought for the Playstation, they looked pretty nice. I could tell the forest was a forest. And it really felt like I was walking through a forest which was good. The town was pretty nice and so were the mountains. But, I think I was impressed with the forest the most so far.
    Finally, I learned that it is possible to jump in this game. This was so weird for me because I haven't played many RPGs where you can jump. I think only the Kingdom Hearts games I could jump in. I like jumping, but it doesn't really add anything to this game. So far, I think it would be fine even if there wasn't any jumping. Overall though, the game is fun and the story is good so I'll keep playing it.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 16:53:36     -    Xenogears (PS)

    So, I just managed to get a copy of Xenogears for about $20. I've been hearing a lot of good things about it and decided to see for myself. I've barely started though. I started in a town and just wandered around town for a bit collecting stuff and talking to people. It was fun because I learned a little about the game too. When I was done in town I set out to the mountains to pay a visit to a guy named Citan Uzuki. He's a crazy guy. He kept blowing up stuff trying to invent or whatever it was he was doing. He is the first party member I was able to converse with, so that was kind of nice.
    So far in this game, I was impressed with the few cutscenes they had. I can't say I've ever seen a videogame with hand-drawn cutscenes. I kind of wish they had more cutscenes because there is a lot of dialog so far. But, since it is the Playstation, I think I can give them a break. Plus, I guess it's good to read anyway. But, when I met up with Elly, there was really a lot of dialog so it would have been nice to have more cutscenes there.
    It's funny going back to the Playstation when the graphics weren't great. Watching characters talk when they look like little polygons is kind of funny at times. I see the characters and then I compare them to the Gears (which are giant mech things) and I think there is a difference. I thought the Gears looked a lot better than the characters, but maybe that is just me. All I know is that the Gears are fun to fight in. I just like the look of it when you're inside the Gear. I guess this brings me to battles. I like the battle system so far. It's fun. It's simple. It's different. I think that's why I like it. I like trying out new battle systems. So far, this one is good for me because the menus are easy to navigate through. And it's easy to attack. Plus, you learn moves called Deathblows to add some excitement to the battles.

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