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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 17:39:18     -    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii)

    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is an action adventure game that has Link exploring different parts and dungeons of Hyrule with an ally known as Midna as he tries to save Zelda and stop Zant from taking over the realm. The action is very well done, as Link swings his sword when the player swings the wii remote and shoots his arrows where the player aims the remote. This use of motion controller is done very well, as there is no point throughout the game where either it will be a nuisance to the player. The puzzle solving and platforming is also engaging and fun to do, as they are not too simple or difficult. The boss battles are also very engaging, as the player needs to avoid its attacks while trying to find its weak spots. The story is very well written and will keep the player engaged until the end. It uses a large amount of plot twists to always make the player want to find out what is going to happen later. The mystery behind Midna will also keep the players guessing on what her role within the big story actually is. The game also rewards exploration, as there are a large variety of extra items that can be found throughout Hyrule. The Cave of Ordeals is the ultimate test of players skill in this game, and when the player beats it after the story is beaten, he or she will feel as if there is nothing more he or she can do within the game to get better. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is a great, vast, and addictive game that uses the wii remote technology very effectively and will keep its players playing it until they finish everything.

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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 17:18:38     -    Sonic Adventure DX (GC)

    Sonic Adventure DX for the Nintendo GameCube is an action adventure game that features six different characters, each with their own different game play styles. This variety of game play makes it so if the player gets bored of one game play style, he or she can switch to another. However, some of the game play types are better than others. The best of them all is Sonic's and Tails game play. They both involve high speed, engaging, and addictive high speed movement and platforming. The only different between the two is while Sonic's game play is more speed orientated, Tail's game play involves him having to race to the finish against an opponent. Tails also has the ability to fly, while Sonic has the ability to use the homing attack. Knuckles' game play has him moving and gliding around a set stage looking for three randomly spawned pieces of the master emerald. Due to his high speed and gliding ability, Knuckles' game play is, while not as much as Sonic's and Tails', very fun and addicting. The other three characters aren't as exciting. Gamma's game play is a semi-paced third person shooter that is very easy, and it is somewhat fun. Amy's game play is like a very slow version of Sonic's, requiring slow platforming and running away from enemies. Big has the worst of them all, as his core mechanic is a very poorly made fishing. He does not even belong in the game in my opinion. What this game does well is having each character have his or her own role in the story, and then allowing everything to come together at the end. Although this game isn't the best due to the game play of some unnecessary characters, it is still a very well made and addicting game when considering the story and the gameplay of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 16:24:15     -    Pokemon Pearl (DS)

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are role playing games and they are the first games of the fourth generation Pokemon series. Just like all new series, the core mechanic of the game remains the same, with the only changes being in the story mode and the kinds of Pokemon available. The story involves the player catching and training Pokemon as he or she defeats the enemy Team Plasma and defeats gym leaders in order to fight and defeat the Elite Four and the champion. The story isn't engaging at all, and the player will most likely not care about what is really going on. The objective of the player is to catch as many pokemon as possible and become the champion. This game emphasizes player choice as he or she may select from a large variety of available pokemon to use throughout the story mode. Very rarely will two players ever have the exact same line up of pokemon. The game isn't particularly very challenging, so unless the player wants to play against other players, not much strategy is needed when selecting the pokemon in order to just beat the story. When playing against other players, the player needs to make sure his or her team of pokemon covers all possible weaknesses and can take down the enemy tem as efficiently as possible. A large amount of strategy is needed when making a team, which is why this game appeals to older players, rather than just kids. The Sinnoh region is a very large area, so there is a lot of room for exploration. The large variety of Pokemon enchances replayability as players will want to experiment with a large amount of combinations. The large amount of replayability and player choice makes Pokemon Diamond and Pearl great games for anyone.

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    Dec 9th, 2012 at 15:55:34     -    Super Mario Sunshine (GC)

    Super Mario Sunshine is a free roaming action adventure game. This game features Mario and his new water machine named Fludd as they try to clean up the city called Delphino Plaza and save Princess Peach from Bowser. The unique mechanic of this game is Fludd, as he allows Mario to do a variety of unique things. It has the standard squirt nozzle, the hover nozzle which allows Mario to move across gaps and gain height, the rocket nozzle which allows Mario to gain a large amount of height, and the turbo nozzle, which allows Mario to move at very high speeds. The main resource in this game are lives and water. If the player runs out of lives, he or she must restart the mission. If the player runs out of water, he or she can't use Fludd, and therefore, won't be able to complete the level until he or she finds a source of water. Delphino Plaza acts as a hub which serves as an access point to all the other levels. The objective of each of the eight missions per level is to find the Shine Sprite, which help you move further into the story. However, one doesn't need even half of them to complete the story mode. The fact that there are such a large number of extra shine sprites throughout the world greatly adds to the replayability of the game. The game is very well created as there are very few issues that can be found during gameplay. The story is uninteresting and dull, making it the worst part of the game in my opinion. Despite the story, Super Mario Sunshine is an amazing and well made addictive game.

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