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    Dec 4th, 2012 at 09:50:29     -    Skyrim (360)

    Skyrim is an amazing adventure role playing game that continues to inspire me to keep playing it. The first time I played the game I chose to be an Argonian, a lizard like creature that is able to breathe underwater and has unique healing abilities. Skyrim lets the player choose what they want to do, what weapons they want to have, whether the person wants to be a male or female, and the abilities can be chosen by them too. I love that Bethesda made a very unique and expansive game because it has so much replay-ability and continues to be exciting throughout the game. The dragons are made very well and I love how they made each dragon unique. There are different dragon types that the player has to deal with: 1) blood dragons, 2) frost dragons, 3) ancient dragons, 4) elder dragons, and more. Skyrim has done an amazing job with quests and missions as well. The player is not told to do the main missions of Skyrim, in fact I have played the game for a while without completing the main quest, just because there were so many other missions that I was doing. There are many side quests that people can join in Skyrim. They can join fighting groups like the companionís guild, the dark brotherhood, the thievesí guild, and in the new downloadable content they can join the vampires. Each one of these groups have their own side missions that they have their own rewards that follow when completing their missions. I like how they made the inventory organized in the game and that when the player is holding too much it slows down the character, much like in real life. The way they categorize each item, how the player is able to add items to their favorite list, and how they sort their magic and shout abilities is also done very well. This game is amazing when it comes to combat. Skyrim has added many features in battle such as critical hits, parrying, and slow motion attacks. This includes archery, magic, two handed weapons, heavy weapons, and light weapons. With all of these unique features in the game, Skyrim always has more room to grow. There are constantly new DLCs for this game and it continues to be better as they add more to it.

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    Nov 27th, 2012 at 13:10:01     -    Halo 4 (360)

    Halo 4 is a very phenomenal game. The design is done well, the campaign is amazing, there are new weapons introduced, the new enemies, everything about it leaves me awestruck. I really enjoy playing this game, so much so that I bought the collectorís edition of it. Even though Bungie no longer develops the game, I am proud of the fact that 343 has taken over and added their own design elements to this franchise that sets it apart from the previous games. The other features Iíve noticed about the game is the enhanced audio, visual, and physics of the game. The music is completely different from the previous games because 343 didnít go with Martin OíDonnelís music soundtrack and instead used a completely new one, which works extremely well considering itís a whole new series made by a new company. The physics have definitely been changed also because now they added more mechanics to gravity, jumping, running, and shooting. Guns have more recoil, the jungles have more sounds of water falls, animal noises, and things of that sort. The multiplayer is where the developers really did well with the game. They made so many different game types and modes, that they leave the player to never get bored. The player can play big team slayer, team slayer, free for all, capture the flag, flood, griffball, swat, snipers, Spartan ops, and more. Every week, there are new challenges and game types for players to enjoy and this helps keep up the excitement. Even though 343 got rid of firefight, I feel that Spartan ops did a great job replacing that by giving players more of a campaign experience. I also like how players are able to customize their armor in this game, because in previous games it was difficult to tell how to unlock certain armors, but now the menu tells the player exactly what they need to do to unlock it. By making the menu easier to navigate and understand, 343 made sure that players would be able to learn effectively how to upgrade their armor and customize their character. Lastly, I really love the fact that 343 made it so that players donít have to choose running as an ability for Spartans. I was extremely happy that now my character can run when I need them to and I can also have the ability to cloak, get an auto turret, shield, or whatever other ability I need. That being said, I love the way 343 made this game and I am proud to have bought the collectorís edition because it was worth it.

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    Nov 18th, 2012 at 13:34:42     -    Halo 2 (XBX)

    One of the first FPS's (first person shooters) I have ever played and got addicted to was Halo 2 for the Xbox. This game made game of the year for me because it was very interactive, made beautifully, designed well, and introduced more new concepts than the first Halo game. All of the Halo games that were done were good, but I like this one the best because it had the best campaign, multi-player, and levels out of all the games. Halo 2 was the first time that players could either be an elite or a spartan in multiplayer. The campaign was great because the characters learned what happened to the covenant's best elite and it engages the player in a separate story with him, as well as master chief. The game comes with four different level modes: easy, normal, heroic, and legendary. I have played the game on the legendary difficulty and it is very difficult to beat. The player learns quickly how to fire the weapon, aim, and hold dual weapons of plasma rifle, pistol, needler, etc. because this allows the player to spray many enemies at once with double the ammo, or learn to cooperate with two separate weapons that becomes a deadly force. I enjoy the levels in Halo 2 more than the other games because they were unique and intricate. My favorite stages by far are foundation, zanzibar, and blood gulch because they are simple stages with many hiding spots, cover locations, and vehicles. These stages also have a set battleground because they force the players to fight with each other in the middle of the map because its where the best weapons are located. Halo 2 also introduced the design of characters and their armor. Players were able to design it based on what logo they like, put in different colors, and add different shades of that color. The other thing I like about this game is that they got rid of the health packs from the first game and the shield regeneration was quicker. Not having to worry about getting a health pack allowed the player to focus more on combat and surviving by dodging bullets and staying in cover. I would recommend everyone to play this game if they haven't yet and I hope that Microsoft will redo this amazing game like they did for the first anniversary edition of Halo.

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    Nov 11th, 2012 at 16:32:19     -    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)

    The game I am currently playing on the play station portable go is monster hunter freedom unite. It is the sequel to the Monster Hunter Freedom 1 and 2 franchises and has been enhanced tremendously since the previous games. This game has over 400 missions which the character can play, 500 plus hours of gameplay, new armor, weapons, and monsters to defeat. They enhanced the camera view in this game by making it auto adjust slightly without the player having to click the left trigger and Capcom did well in introducing more environments to the game and keeping the old environments too. They kept the desert, forest, volcano, fortress, and castle levels, but added the Snowy Mountain, new desert, new volcano, arena, and inner castle levels. For the armor and weapons, they added a new feature called armor stones and decorations or gems which power up the equipment and add unique skills that help the player. The character is allowed to upgrade their armor using the armor stones and depending on the armor stones and rarity of the equipment, they can add over 20 levels to each armor piece. For the decorations, players are allowed to add a maximum 3 gem pieces to each weapon or armor, although some will only accept 1, 2, or none. In the tutorial, players learn how to utilize the sword and shield, great sword, katana, hammer, horn, bow gun, bow, lance, and gun lance. These weapons are used in the game and players can choose to handle one of these weapon types, or all depending on which they prefer. The weapons have elemental damage abilities which also help the game by making it easier to defeat the monsters. These are fire, water, ice, thunder, dragon, poison, paralysis, and sleep elemental skills. There are also new traps and bombs that the player can use to help capture the monster or slow it down. These are the lightning rod, pitfall trap, shock trap, bounce bomb, large barrel bomb, small barrel bomb, and tranquilizer bomb. All of these things that Capcom has added to this game has made it even more exciting, playable and fun because it lets the player control even more of the way they can become the greatest hunter in MHFU.

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