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    Dec 10th, 2012 at 20:51:44     -    FarCry 3 (PC)

    GameLog 14:
    This week has been an exciting week for me I got a new game, Far Cry 3. It is an amazing First Person Shooter which adds a lot of neat features such as that makes the game very immersive and compelling to play. I had a thrill learning this game and learning the background story of what happens. It starts off with you with your friends going to an island to have a time of your life. There happy, joyful, and youthful with a bright future ahead of them. Just as when you think things will get better a big twist comes along. It turns out that the Island is plagued with unknown enemies which are there for the soul purpose of doing evil to anyone they encounter. The group of friends are found in a bad situation with no power to get away from these evil people. The evil gang rounds them up and places them in there torture camps. They evil gang tries their best to destroy their sanity and willpower, making them be docile and surrendering. You see right away that the evil gang main boss Vaas Montenegro come to the torture camps to tease and torment them. He is ruthless and says many bad comments to them destroying there hope for help. The way Vaas Montenegro speaks is very adult content with many bad words that degrade the prisoners of the camp. Luckly Grant Brody is able to break loose from the knot tied to his arms and free you also. You sneak around the camp trying to not get detected. It was really hard for me since I wasnít use to the layout scheme but we managed to breakout. Right as you are breaking out Vaas Montenegro stops you guys and shot Grant, you are helpless and unable to help him. The only choice you have left is to run, run as fast as you can dodging the gun fire into the deep forest of Far Cry 3. This is one of the best games I have played this year. Shortly after words of escaping you meet a man named Dennis Rogers who welcomes you to his camp and gives you details about the islands in Far cry 3 and warns you about the hostile places. He also get you a weapon to be set ready for the worst case scenario. This is as far as I have played so far and I am very excited to progress further in this game.

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    Nov 29th, 2012 at 10:45:17     -    Guild Wars 2 (PC)

    This week was an awesome week for my guild in Guild Wars 2. My friend and I have recently recruited people from George Mason University to play with us and Guild Wars 2. It was tough getting new players to play Guild Wars 2 since it has a steep learning curve but it paid off. We were able to get a total of 10 people into playing Guild Wars 2. It was exciting to be able to recruit that many people to be able to play in our guild in Guild Wars 2. We assigned everyone certain roles but left them free to be able to choose what classes and race they wanted to play. We had a pretty diverse group with many different classes. The class that was most used was thief, we had a total of three thief players which were 2 humans and 1 was Norn. The thief class is really important when you want mobility and firepower packed into one class. We had a total of 2 warriors join in our group which were really helpful, our first warrior was Char and the second warrior we have is Human. Since the warrior class wears heavy armor, which makes them be able to tank for our team. Tanking is pretty much best described as a warrior who takes all the hits damage making him a bullet sponge for the team. We had a pretty radical engineer in our team, our engineer was from Asura. His features were unique and distinct he had an Afro with the biggest flame thrower gun I had ever seen. He was pretty much the pyro in our team, each attack he had was fire based and could blaze anyone alive. I was the only Ranger on the team that provided team support from long range. I had a pretty important role in our team, I was designated to spot all enemies, warn our teams about flanks and counter attacks, cast support spells such as summoning forest spirit that gives everyone buffs, and last but not least heal and revive those who die or get paralyzed on the floor. On a later GameLog I will go into greater detail explaining the battle tactics we used and what quest we adventured on as a team. Overall I am really excited in having this whole team come into play.

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    Nov 27th, 2012 at 17:57:34     -    Halo 4 (360)

    This was an awesome Thanks Giving Break I had gotten a lot of time to play many games and spend a lot of good time with my love ones and friends. I started playing my copy of Halo 4 this week which was very interesting. To give you a background story of what the Halo universe is about is very interesting and intricate. Halo starts off with a special advance Spartan program that takes children from a young age and places them in a elite program to make them the best killing soldiers out there that are unmatchable by anyone. they serve as the last defense for the human race against internal and external threats. Luckly the Spartan program pays off after the Covenant (Alien Military Race) attacks the Humans. The war breaks out approxamitly in the year 2525. Most of the Spartan that face up against the covenant die tragically, only Master Chief is the last remaining one. Master chief is accompanied by a special A.I that helps him do missions, the A.I. name is Cortana. Master chiefs spaceship runs into a special part of space where there is a planet with a big Halo structure around the planet. The humans find out that the Covenant are religious fanatics that are obsessed with the Halo. Cortana finds out that the Halo ring contains the flood and warns Master Chief from releasing them. Cortana finds out the Halo was built by the forerunners to stop the floods. The Aliens try to protect and gain control of special Halo ring. The story of Halo is long, I will finish the story on a later GameLog. But my brother and I had an Amazing time playing Halo 4. We used many cool formations and tactics don't an advantage against the Covenant, I cant wait till we meet the Promethean, they should be a challenging foe!

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    Nov 20th, 2012 at 11:25:10     -    Guild Wars 2 (PC)

    Game Log:
    This week my friend and I were able to coordinate a pretty large group of friends to buy and play Guild Wars 2 with us. It was pretty hard to organize the whole team and set a date for all of us to meet and play. We all meet at a friendís house, he basically lives in a really big house by himself. We were all treated to delicious treats and drinks at his nice house. We set up in the basement, thankfully there were enough chairs and tables for all of us to set up. The host served us all Pink Lemonade which was delicious. We are still working in the role of everyone in the game, so far I have to characters that I am able to play with. The first character I am able to play with is my Norn character which is from Wayfarer Foothills which is located in the northern part of the map. It is a mystical place that is covered by a lot of snow. The role of my Norn character is being a Ranger, as a Ranger I get many cool nifty unique features, items, and pets. To start off my Norn Ranger get a long bow for sniping enemies from long ranges, while I use a great sword for close range battles. Also another really cool part about my Ranger is that I get an Awesome pet that is a leopard. The leopard is helpful in many settings it usually takes the bait of being aimed by the enemy while I can stay back safely and snipe the on-coming enemies with my Bow. As a lan group I played as the only Ranger with a pet for the team. We didnít get to play much but we adventured to new lands which was the human kingdom located at Divinity's Reach. It was awesome to explore new lands and do new quests that I have never done before. We will be doing a special event next time we meet up, It will be for The Lost Shore event.

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