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    Sep 24th, 2012 at 15:28:41     -    Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    Itís been a busy week for me doing school work, my job, and extra activities. But I have managed to be able to squeeze in some extra time to play some games. The game I often love playing is Team Fortress 2. I have already written a Game Log about Team Fortress 2 but that was about playing as the Pyro Man. This week I decided to play a different character in an old school map called Dust Bowl. Dust bowl is one of the first maps released when the game was released to the public. The map has a total of three stages with two opposing teams. To start off the blue team has to fight the red team over capture points. The goal of the blue team is to capture both points and win control over the map, while the opposing red team defends their capture points from the blue team. This week I played as a support engineer for the red and blue team. The engineer comes with many nifty gears and gadgets that make him unique and fun to play. First off he get a sentry gun which has three levels of evolving stages, each higher stage it become bigger and more dangerous. Same with his dispenser and teleporter each stage makes them more efficient and better to use. The engineer upgrades and maintains his equipment using his wrench and gear. The engineer runs out of gear quick when repairing and maintaining all of his equipment so he has to have a dispenser or run out and grab gear from guns and supply boxes lying around.I was one of the biggest assist on the team since my teleporters was used the most in the game for both offense and defense. I used the sentry gun to defend off key positions such as capture points from the blue team. And while I played the blue team I used the sentry gun to defend key teleportation sites that helped the team advance to get the key capture positions. Overall there is a lot more detail I can go into talking about Engineer but I guess Iíll save it for future Game Logs!

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    Sep 18th, 2012 at 12:05:33     -    League of Legends (PC)

    One of the most addictive games out right now would have to Leagues of Legends. League of Legends is surprisingly free of use by anyone with no string attached. The only thing you have to pay for is the cool skins and character to unlock. You could technically unlock any character for free by earning point by winning games, but some characters really require a lot of points to unlock. The gameplay of this game is surprisingly easy to understand and to jump into. Basically to start off you have two opposing teams with five heroic champions battling each other. The main objective to destroy the enemyís turrets to advance on to their main base. Once you have reached the main base you target inhibitors and eventually main arcane nexus which allows you to win the game. Each team gets a wave of spawned minions that go out and fight, the best method to play safe is to work with the minions and help them push forward to destroy turrets. The minions serve great as bullet sponges capable of taking damage from the turrets and minions as you hack and slash your way up to destroy turrets. My favorite character in the game would have to be Master Yi the Wuju Blade Master. He was the first character for me to try out and ever since then I have absolutely loved Master Yi. He comes in variety of skins that make him stand out and make him look cooler compared to other champions. He has a variety of special moves my favorite would have to be his ultimate, Highlander which makes him attack faster and move faster. Master Yi is considered as a carry unit which means he is capable of taking the lead for the whole team and being the best. Usually I tend to play Carry in most games when I play Master Yi.

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    Sep 7th, 2012 at 16:13:59     -    Battlefield 2 (PC)

    By: Mohammad Raza
    Battlefield 2
    The game which has eaten most of my life and has ďruined my lifeĒ would have to be Battlefield 2! When I first got the game I was still in middle school, needless to say it took over all of my free time including homework time. My addiction to this game was incomparable to any other game I had ever played in my life. I spent an average of twenty hours a week playing Battlefield 2. This wasnít the first time of me playing an online first person shooter sandbox game play game. I had dedicated a fair amount of time playing battlefield 1942 and Vietnam so I was not a noob in this genre of games rather I was a veteran with a lot of slick moves up my sleeves. To start my most favorite feature of the game that set it apart from other games was that it was the first to introduce squad base team action with a commander directing each squad to the right position. The squad base team game play added many layers of depth that other games simply did not have during its release making it stand out. The commander had many options such as telling squads where to relocate and what objectives to take over, over that the commander had abilities to call in tactical artillery strikes to wipe out enemies straight of the map. Other abilities include supply drop, vehicle drop and UV drone recon. My favorite gun would have to be the M95 sniper; I have had so many memorable, gruesome and funny moments with it that it has become legendry to me. My most favorite part about this over powered weapon is that if somebody dare takes my vehicle (example a jet); this baby can deliver a 50 caliber bullet through bullet proof windows and take their heads right offÖ Yep itís over powered but well worth unlocking it.

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    Aug 31st, 2012 at 15:28:34     -    Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    Team Fortress 2:
    By: Mohammad Raza
    Team Fortress 2 has been one of the biggest games that has influenced me in my gamming hobby. I got team fortress 2 right when it was first released, initially it costed money back in the old days but now itís free on Steam. I was epically amused when it first came out because of the amount of characters it allowed you to play. My absolute favorite character that I loved to play was the Pyro man with his humorous outfit in which he made gibberish taunts towards enemies. The reason why Pyro man was my favorite character was the versatility he had in every type of game mode. His flame thrower made him very effective in crowd control situation as we as deadly since the flame thrower would leave the enemy burning even after the combat was over. The Pyro man came with many special types of equipment which made him stand out from the rest of crowd. His regular flamethrower came equipped with a pressure system which could deflect enemy projectiles such as rockets. Another neat equipment you could equip was the Backburner as a replacement of his regular flame thrower, the backburner gave a bonus critical damage when you burnt the enemy from behind basically instant killing them. Another neat equipment that the Pyro comes with is the flare gun which can replace the shotgun. The flare gun basically shoots a flare at the enemy, upon impact it ignites the enemy causing burn damage. Itís great for enemies who are in a flea with low health. One my most favorite part about the Pyro man is the Hadouken. The Hadouken is initially a fire ball that is released from the Pyro manís hand, kind of like a kamehameha wave in dragon ball, it gives you an instant kill over the enemy combatant.

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