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    Feb 22nd, 2007 at 18:33:08     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    After playing for another hour, I got better at the game, not dying as fast and playing with overall more skill. Though this game is relatively simple, it presents challenge well and makes for fun game play. The player’s attacks are not really changed up throughout the game as in the later NN64 version in the series, but that is what can be expected from the earlier video game systems. The level design in Zelda is well done, and I have been paying more attention to it since I am likely to use similar style in my game. This game uses strategy and action well while allowing the player to make choices on their own. I would have liked to be guided more in some areas and also the game could have been more entertaining if attacks were mixed up.

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    Feb 22nd, 2007 at 16:13:37     -    The Legend of Zelda (NES)

    The legend of Zelda is an old game that I’ve never played before. The music has a classic sound to it which really puts the player in the adventure mood. The game play is straight forward and the player can figure out what to do by pressing a few of the different buttons. The direction which the player takes is not very strict, the player can choose where to go to a degree, and the link character can interact with a good number of objects and people I have encountered up to this point. When I finally got into the dungeon, I found the area quite confusing; I didn’t know where to go because there were so many room choices. This is common in more classic games because a lot of the game play is trying to figure out your path. I think that I would have liked some more of a guide because I have been stuck in the basement level of this castle for too long.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 21:21:06     -    Gears of War (360)

    Playing Gears of War for another hour was just as much fun as the first hour. I seemed to get a handle on the controls and the game became scarier. My friend and I actually felt fear in certain parts of the game and I could feel my heart rate go up during the more intense battles or chase scenes. After a certain checkpoint, I faced a berserker which was one of the most frightening video game experiences of my life. To defeat this enemy, we had to run away from her and lead her to the outside section.
    The entire game experience, including sounds and graphics were so amazing and revolutionary. I heard this game received best game of the year award and if that is true, I agree with that claim. One thing that I wasn’t too fond of was the redundancy of the battle zone layouts. The things which the player can hide behind are similar in every “level”. I would not change this however, since it does not take away from the fun of the game. It was a fantastic gaming experience.

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    Feb 8th, 2007 at 17:51:47     -    Gears of War (360)

    Gears of War is the first next generation game I have played so far. I chose to play this game after seeing the demo in class on wednesday. This is a fascinating amazing game with impressive graphics and extremely fun gameplay.
    The stylized game design is what i prefer over more realistic shooting games and the co-op feature was an adventurous experience with my comrade. The dialouge brings the player and character together as one and engulfed me into the story. I felt as if i was in the game because of the amount of control I had. the level of control is more advanced and intuitive than previous shooting games. I especially liked that you could use a combination of joystick movements with the A button to perform evasive tactics.
    the one thing i would change about this game is based around the fact that i get lost a lot, i would add a map feature or hint arrows to help guide the player to the appropriate direction. My friend and i spent 10 minutes trying to find the next area.

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