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    Jan 18th, 2018 at 00:00:45     -    This is the Police (PC)

    Played a bit farther into the game and now i'm dealing with angry feminists, a mob war, but most of those decisions are at a higher level and i make each one individually based on my best interests, but something that does bother me ethically is how I handle the everyday crimes such as robberies or noise complaints. I notice that I like to send the cops of color to the shadier neighborhoods more and the Caucasian cops to the higher income districts. In my mind i think that i the rougher neighborhoods, a cop of color would be easier to talk to and vice versa. Am I being racist due to wanting to get maximum effectiveness from my officers?

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    Jan 17th, 2018 at 00:43:22     -    This is the Police (PC)

    Started this is the Police, I picked this game because the art style appealed to me and so far it is a good choice.

    The game captivates me with its Casablanca type storytelling and its gritty humor about life. As a 23 year old I sometimes feel old when surrounded by 18 year old freshmen and this game makes me feel right at home as a 60 year old police chief.

    Its a resource management game which means that things are gonna get crazy real soon. I made it all the way to the 5th day and the mayor and my wife's mother are both telling me to not do anything stupid which means that i'm going to have some tough decisions coming up soon.

    When racist protesters inciting riots made me fire all of my black employees i felt torn. I didn't want to fire them because it wasn't right, but I also didn't want them to be killed at the job. This is right at the start of the game so I wonder how bad things are going to get as I play more. I just know that the mob is going to be involved somewhere down the line. Can't an old man just retire in peace? At least the music is good.

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    Nov 10th, 2017 at 00:52:10     -    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (VITA)

    Got pretty far in the game this time around, I have to say that some of the kills are pretty gorey. The neck braces that blow your head off and the one with the chair and the revolver is also pretty intense. The way Sigma coldly calculates his death is pretty cool. I like how the players of the game learn to SHIFT and take advantage of this power to make the best decisions where everyone survives.

    The ending was decent. The thought that the choice to swap positions with the players who won the coin toss was a cop out from the writers. I mean at the end of the game they are motivated, but the virus is still going to hit and kill most of humanity.... also why do the decisions of a few adults decide the fate of the world?

    Overall I liked the game the dialogue could've been better but I think that I need to play the first two games to properly understand the story.

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    Nov 8th, 2017 at 23:44:16     -    Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (VITA)

    Played for a bit longer this time around. I'm starting to understand how this game works now. Every time a decision is made an alternate timeline is made. The game makes an attempt to explain this, but I understood it pretty well. All of the contestants seem to have the ability to look at alternate timelines based on the decisions they make. I'm interested in how the game uses this mechanic in the future.I looked into the story of the first two games to see if I missed anything important to the story, but its pretty complicated and doesn't have a lot to do with the main story of the third game. When playing I thought about having that power, the power to see the effects of your decisions. I can see it being very useful.

    For these story driven, visual novel games however, I can see this mechanic breaking the genre. If you know the outcome of every dilemma in the game. What are you playing for? Well i hope this game doesn't get too carried away with telling me the impacts of all of my decisions. Its like having an ending spoiled for a movie. I want to be surprised by my decisions.

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