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    Feb 14th, 2018 at 21:16:17     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    This time playing Prison Architect I decided to try out the free mode which lets you design your own prison. I really should have completed the tutorial first because right away my prison went down hill. I spent money that I did not have on things that were unnecessary in the beginning of the game. I realized it isnít a game where you can just jump in and learn everything you need to know in five minutes. My prison ran out of money and never had any prisoners or made any money but I did learn a lot about the game through my failure at it. I learned that with this game I should stick to the tutorial first until I have a grasp at everything. Thinking about the game though, it is interesting that there are so many things to do in game besides just placing objects and people around, you really have to manage it like a prison or else you will fail. Looking at the achievements it is interesting to see that there is one for achieving a fifty percent recidivism rate.

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    Feb 13th, 2018 at 20:52:40     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    This is the first time I have played prison architect. I thought that the art style was done really well as were the cutscenes. There seems to be a lot of depth to the gameplay and all the options that you have in building a prison such as you have to make sure there is a power hooked up to every cell and building for the prisoners not to get angry, you must also feed the prisoners. I think the most interesting thing about the game is that the prison is supposed to be run as a business which references our own private prison system in the United States. It seems as though the balancing point in the game is how much money do you spend keeping the prisoners happy and not rioting so that you donít lose money and no prisoners escape. Iím really looking forward to playing Prison Architect again.

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    Feb 11th, 2018 at 20:58:07     -    This is the Police (PC)

    Upon playing more of the game I became more and more frustrated and bored with the core game mechanics. There doesnít seem to be any impact on the story in terms of the playerís decisions which is quite annoying. I am to the point now where every day in the game just seems like a chore but maybe thatís how the designers wanted the game to be. There are moral choices that the player must make and the whole thing feels like a balancing act of whether or not to do a certain task for a certain party and how much reward you will receive or how much money you will lose. I think that the main problem of the game is that there is no way to track your past decisions and how they impact the narrative, which Iím unsure at this point if they do. Iím mainly just confused by the game and I think Iím to the point where I donít care about the story if I have to slog through boring, repetitive game play.

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    Feb 10th, 2018 at 16:54:51     -    This is the Police (PC)

    This time I played ďThis is the PoliceĒ I had a more interesting time than the last time I played. At one point in the game the side of the gang war I had sided with lost, this was mostly because I was unable to understand the rules of how the gang war worked. A the end of every day there is a counter that shows who has more points in the gang war, the way that this works is only explained once and itís been a while since I played so I forgot how the gang war worked. There is a narrative in the game but it is only slightly engaging but I am looking forward to the game introducing more elements such as politics.

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