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    Mar 29th, 2018 at 19:38:35     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    After the apparent intended fire and rebuilding of the kitchen and canteen The CEO Directs me to build a new sprinkler system to prevent this accident again. I am then shown the prison happiness bar. At this point i am given option. These option include adding entertainment and comforts. I don't have to add these at all if I don't want making a prisoners life miserable. Though this come with a trade off. If I make living hard in jail there will be more riot. I can prevent the riots by adding more guards. This is very interesting because I can spend tons of money non making prisoner life very comfortable and try to reform them or make their stay a living hell.

    I believe at this point I decided to be the nicest architect I can be. Design cells with plenty of room and comfort. I ended up making a pretty nice relaxing area with sofas, t.v.’s and phones. Even though i made it a very nice place I still had guards and cameras to help prevent any bad inmates from having contraband or fighting.

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    Mar 29th, 2018 at 09:23:00     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    I started the game back up hoping that my starting point would be the execution. I wanted to leave myself a cliffhanger by not getting to the execution on my first play. This ended up not working. Once I came back The Ceo tried the chair to see if it would work, this caused a power outage. The suspense in This game was starting to build very high for this one moment.

    After testing the electric chair one more time to see that it was functioning properly I am taken to a flashback of edward walking into a church right after a murder. The priest tells him that he must turn himself in and that if he asks god for forgiveness god will grant it. The priest tells him that he “has done the right thing even though the world has not forgiven him for it”

    There is a long dramatic pause and then edward walk to the chair. His final words being “ Susan … I am sorry”. The switch is thrown and the screen goes white to the sound of a choir. The screen fades to black and then the words Chapter 2: Palermo appears on the screen. The screen fades in to the sound of a raging fire. I thought this was interesting, was the author trying to say that Edward went to heaven and then was judged and went to hell or was The author just laying on morality of the situation heavily.The fire brigade shows up to stop the fire. AS the last bit of fire is put out a survivor walks from the flames. It is apparently the resident crime boss Don Palermo.

    My next goal was to rebuild the kitchen and hire cooks so that there wouldn't be a prison riot.

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    Mar 28th, 2018 at 18:45:42     -    Prison Architect (PC)

    So right of the bat the game starts you off looking at a prison and it prisoners. You have to click multiple time to even start the game. Each click shows you a different part of the prison. Right after that the CEO of the prison gives you a call. The call has to do with building a new execution chamber for a convicted criminal. I think it is a quite diegetic tutorial, using a story to teach you how to build.

    After this bit the game zooms you in on Edward Romsey, a school teacher. There is a priest in the room with him. The CEO explains to you that you aren't here to decide who lives and who dies the law decides that for you. You are just here to do a job.

    The game takes you through a small scene showing what Edward had done before getting the death penalty. He had caught his wife cheating on him. The scene , for being pretty low quality art, was quite powerful. There were building in long pauses between each murder and a very long silence after the deed was done.

    I think one of the important parts to this game is that everytime you go near the electric chair there is a low droning noise instilling you with a sense of dread. Like what you are doing is wrong. The priest even says as much “ everyone is entitled to forgiveness.”

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    Feb 17th, 2018 at 10:30:14     -    Shadow Of Mordor (PC)

    The first thing I did when I started the game back up was to start a brawl. I wanted to see how many orcs I could fight at once. It was something like 20.

    After I spent some time doing that I decided to move on to the story again. As I walk towards a mission area an orc called my name. He offered me info on where I could find the black and if i set him free. I found this kind of ironic seeing as orcs had kill Talions family. Talion wasn’t really sure that he could trust the orc but ended up setting him free. As I played on the orc told me about a rivalry that he had with an orc captain and that if I helped him kill the captain he would give me more information.

    At this point the game pointed out a few things. If I found the right people it would give me information on the people I was trying to kill. The particular captain I wanted to fight was immune to arrows but scared of a creature called a caragor. I thought it was interesting that the developers gave a character not known to have fear to give it to them. After setting free a caragor and watching it kill the captain, the game gave me another bit of information. The world would change as I played the game. The orc I was helping, ratbag, moved into the orc captains position. I thought this was a very interesting mechanic. It meant that every kill i make someone will fill that slot. Maybe it is supposed to imply some sort of futility.

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